CMMS for Microsoft Dynamics AX


DIMO Maint is a powerful Computerized Maintenance Management Software – CMMS to plan, control and monitor all your preventative and scheduled maintenance activities from work orders management to sophisticated maintenance activities management, as well as unscheduled repairs, and inspections. DIMO Maint adds competitive advantages to your daily maintenance management, offering you the flexibility, mobility and the power you need within Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

A comprehensive CMMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX!

  • Automating and streamlining the purchasing process
  • Synchronizing item repositories, stocks and suppliers
  • Optimizing stock management
  • Transparency and increased control over expenditure
  • Standardization and systematization of management rules and procedures
  • Better control and monitoring of asset costs
  • Eliminating double entry

Benefit from competitive advantages to your daily maintenance management!

  • Get a comprehensive view of your activity by guaranteeing a single repository and compliance with procedures,
  • Optimize the management of item repositories, stocks and suppliers,
  • Avoid the risk of error between the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV business management and the CMMS,
  • Apply the rules of business management to the CMMS at every step of the stock and purchasing management process (e.g. replenishment point, order units, main supplier).