CMMS for Sage FRP 1000

DIMO Maint CMMS interfaced with Sage FRP 1000

The DIMO Maint CMMS for Sage FRP 1000 is designed for SMEs/SMIs and multinationals alike. It creates an automatic link between business management and the Purchasing and Stock functions of the CMMS, thereby linking supplier and spare part repositories with the procurement terms and inventory status of each warehouse.
The CMMS solution for Sage FRP 1000 provides companies with a comprehensive view of their activity by ensuring a single repository and compliance with procedures.

Extend the features of Sage FRP 1000 to the CMMS

  • Asset form that can be customized to describe and classify the goods, access to the history and tracking of work orders
  • Preventive maintenance form that can distinguish between internal and external engineers with allocation of contracts
  • Work order form which allows you to specify whether the work is contracted, identify causes and effects-remedies
  • Spare part form or consumable form with assignment to the goods
  • Engineer form showing work orders assigned
  • Supplier form with assignment of parts and tool management contracts
  • Supplier and subcontractor contract forms with profitability analysis
  • Management of spare part stocks using bar codes

The benefits of the CMMS Sage FRP 1000 connector

  • Expand the functional scope of Sage FRP 1000 in the specialized field of maintenance
  • Equip technical departments with a maintenance solution for their business that is simple to use, scalable and easy to deploy
  • Avoid having to re-enter data and the risk of error between business management and the Sage FRP 1000 financial suite
  • Apply the rules of business management to the CMMS at every step of the stock and purchasing management process (e.g. replenishment point, order units, main supplier).
  • Synchronize item, stock and supplier repositories in Sage FRP 1000 with the CMMS