Manage business relationships with your customers

The maintenance client management module allows you to meet the challenges of maintenance provider or customer service companies wishing to coordinate their maintenance operations and customer relationships within the same software : customer records management, quotes and invoices related to work.

  • Manage your customer records (customer contact management, relationship with customer assets, management of billing information, etc.)
  • Generate your quotes in connection with requests and work orders – WO (management of real costs and costs charged, margin management)
  • Draw up invoices in connection with WOs (one invoice per WO or a monthly invoice for all the customer’s WOs over the period)
  • Manage contracts related to the customer. A customer may have several types of contracts (renewal management, date of signature, percentage increase per year, etc.)

The strengths of customer management in the DIMO Maint CMMS

  • Managing re-billing coefficients for parts, labor and subcontracting
  • Customer contract management
  • Management of contractual response times