An overall view of all your expenditure

The budget management system integrated into the DIMO Maint CMMS allows you to improve budget tracking and optimize maintenance costs.

  • Assign all your purchases and capital expenditures to defined budget lines
  • Track the breakdown of work costs on the budget lines (operating, investment, project, site, contract)
  • Track the status of all your budgets in real time (incurred, forecast, invoiced, difference, estimated balance) by line and overall

The strengths of DIMO Maint CMMS maintenance budget management

  • Purchasing budget management
  • Operating budget management



Fournier is a family company specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of kitchen furniture, bathrooms and collection storages. Founded in the year 1907 in Thônes, where it has its headquarters, the company has over 1100 employees. In 2003 it registered a 250 million euro turnover.

Fournier, Paul DENIS, maintenance manager