Effectively manage your maintenance activity !

DIMO Maint offers a powerful, comprehensive solution for tracking activities with a great number of reports available. You can consult the key maintenance indicators (financial, operational or organizational) in graphic or list mode, classified by family (Assets, Operations, Purchasing, Stocks, etc.).
With just a few clicks, you can access key indicators that affect your activity through your personalized portal :

  • Tracking downtime by machine: downtime and downtime costs
  • Performance results (MTBF • MTBM • MTBO • MTBR • MTTF • MTTFF • MTTR, availability, failure rate)
  • Analysis of failure modes (Effects / Causes / Remedies)
  • Cost analysis by work type (per month, per year)
  • Cost analysis by asset family
  • Cost analysis by asset (10 most expensive)
  • Analysis of WO costs by item of expenditure (parts, sub-contracting, labor)
  • Analysis of time spent per WO per engineer

The advantages of the maintenance management indicators in the DIMO Maint CMMS

  • User-personalized portal
  • Appropriate indicators
  • Real-time tracking
  • Detailed analysis
  • Anticipated decision-making

A 360° view of your maintenance activity with QlikView

DIMO Maint benefits from the expertise of DIMO Software Business Analytics to provide a business intelligence tool for multidimensional and dynamic analysis of your maintenance activity.
The QlikView associative search technology provides you with answers as soon as new questions emerge. You can interact with the data without any limits.


client gmao-Sanofi


« The main criteria for choosing DIMO Maint’s solution were ease of implementation, the functional and technological features of the software and great value for money. »