Graphically view your operations, planned and performed

The DIMO Maint CMMS offers a very user-friendly, powerful schedule, adapted to your organization to assist you in planning maintenance :

  • Keep track of your operations (day, week, month, year) by engineer, group of engineers or asset
  • Control engineers’ workloads compared to the times they are present and absent
  • Quickly detect conflicts at a glance through color coding (resources available or not)
  • Manage and smooth out the resources to be allocated to your various operations by drag-and-drop
  • Create a work order from the schedule with just one click

Simplify your project management

Through its scheduling feature DIMO Maint offers the ability to prepare, plan and track the implementation of maintenance projects (new work, improvement projects, etc.).

  • View the project schedule via a Gantt chart
  • Manage deadlines and milestones
  • Track the project budget