Increase your engineers’ operational efficiency !

DIMO Maint resources management allows you to schedule and prepare your operations effectively, using in-house or external engineers.

Manage your internal workforce efficiently !

The DIMO Maint CMMS helps you to achieve the best allocation of engineers by managing the following data :

  • Availability
  • Skill
  • Accreditation
  • Training

DIMO Maint’s work order (WO) allows you to plan the resources necessary for carrying out operations. It shows planned or consumed resources : list of engineers (name, specialty, hourly cost, number of hours of work).

Improve the management of your external resources !

The DIMO Maint CMMS incorporates supplier management contracts related to assets maintained by manufacturers, service providers or subcontractors :

  • Enter information about the contract data: deadlines, renewal alert, amount, type, date of signing, comments
  • Attach documents to the contract in the form of related files
  • Link to assets maintained and covered by the contract
  • Association of preventive work and allocation of work orders to the contract
  • Subcontractor monitoring (time monitoring, associated costs, cost allocation, monitoring of planned tasks)


TNT express

« We needed to deploy the solution very quickly and get a full acceptance of the tool by the technicians. Only DIMO Maint’s solution was able to adapt to our specific business characteristics and meet all our functional needs. »

TNT express, Alain Baud