DIMO Maint CMMS : for effective management of your tasks !

The service request management proposed by the DIMO Maint CMMS adapts easily to the process related to your organizational imperatives and your business requirements.

It offers complete management of maintenance activities : preventive, corrective, conditional and regulatory maintenance, new work and improvements.

  • Let all departments create work requests intuitively and in a fun way via an input template
  • Handle all requests from a clear, interactive screen
  • Inform the requestor of the result of his/her request via a color code or by sending an email
  • Generate one or more work orders with a single click from the work request
  • Automate the scheduling of your preventive tasks by choosing one or more types of simultaneous triggers (periodic, aperiodic or meter threshold, measurements)

The strengths of asset management in the DIMO Maint CMMS

  • Maintenance task lists
  • Mapping of operations
  • Diagnostic help : effect cause remedy, fault tree, decision-making support
  • Grouped operations
  • Risk management (security, limiting the cost of accidents, lockout, etc.)

Les références utilisateurs

Sanofi Aventis

« The highly professional responsiveness of the entire Dimo Maint team made for rapid and efficient implementation. I can recommend the DIMO Maint’s application to all industrial plants looking for an initial approach to CMMS and wanting to improve their in-house processes. »