Mobile CMMS on smartphones and tablets


The fruit of over 20 years of expertise in publishing software solutions for maintenance management, DIMO Maint App promises to be the indispensable solution for technicians.

Simple and user-friendly, DIMO Maint App combines the essential features of the CMMS with native functions of smartphones and tablets (voice recognition, photos, etc.).

CMMS on smartphones and tablets application

Access your CMMS from your smartphone or tablet !

DIMO Maint APP is the best answer for :

  • Simplifying and facilitating entry of field data by technicians,
  • Accelerating information feedback to the CMMS,
  • Tracking maintenance activity as closely as possible to the real situation,
  • Increasing the productivity of your teams.

DIMO Maint App is an application that has been completely redesigned to make use of CMMS features on the move.

The ergonomics of the application have been completely reinvented to allow technicians, working in difficult conditions, to still enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of DIMO Maint CMMS with its touch mode.

Quick and simple to deploy with its Flash QR Code
Easy, intuitive handling without prior training
Continuous optimization of field operations

DIMO Maint App : a new way to process tasks !

A list of work orders designed for the maintenance technician :

  • Visualization and rapid identification of priority tasks
  • Consultation of assigned work orders
  • Search facilitated by keywords

A WO form adapted to reports made while in the field

Provision of reliable and relevant information directly where the work is being done :

  • Access to general work order information
  • Access to the list of tasks to complete the work (procedure, safety instructions, etc.)
  • Access to related files

Work reports and enrichment of maintenance data :

  • Updating the meter value of the asset through meter readings in the App
  • Taking pictures to expand the description of a WO or to prove that a device has been put back into operation
  • Voice reports
  • Recording the response time

DIMO Maint App : how does it work ?

DIMO Maint App is a multi-platform hardware (smartphones and tablets) and software (Android and iPhone) solution.

DIMO Maint App works offline to give permanent access to data and the ability to continue working regardless of network coverage. Synchronization provides efficient and secure exchange of information.

CMMS Mobile on PDA

DIMO Maint also offers a mobile CMMS solution on PDA that provides warehouse and maintenance workers with a powerful solution for access to the most frequently-used functions for spare parts management and tracking operations on portable devices :

  • Creating Work Requests
  • Consulting Work Orders
  • Creating Express Work Reports
  • Creating Work Reports on Work Orders
  • Receipt of Purchase Orders
  • Spare part outgoing
  • Stock inventory