DIMO Maint MM : the easy, scalable CMMS Dimo_Maint_MM

With its 3 versions, DIMO Maint MM offers a complete, scalable functional response to accompany you throughout the life of your CMMS project. Think big and start small!

  • Express (ex Micro Maint) : ideal for initial computerization of your maintenance activity at low cost
  • Standard (ex Mini Maint) : with its catalog of options that can be activated at any time, the standard version provides an ultra-flexible functional response. Its cost will adjust precisely to your budget.
  • Full (ex Maxi Maint) : for complete and customizable management of your maintenance.

The advantages of DIMO Maint MM

  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Intuitive to use
  • Scalable to fit your needs
  • Available in 16 languages

The characteristics of DIMO Maint MM

  • Windows client
  • Multi-browser Web module
  • Hosted or Local network
  • Tablet for web module
  • Smartphone application
  • Pocket PC Application
  • QR Code
  • RFID

The features of DIMO Maint MM

Asset management Express Standard Full
Organization of assets
Multi-tree structure -
Graphical tree -
Technical description
Traceability of changes (moves)
Asset mapping -
History of operations on each asset
Hardware calendar -
Hardware inventory
Service request management Express Standard Full
Work requests, preventive, corrective and regulatory
Conditional preventive (measures) -
Preventive meter
Preventive calendar
Maintenance task lists -
Mapping of operations -
Diagnostic help : effect cause remedy, fault tree, decision-making support -
Grouped operations -
Risk management (Security, limiting the cost of accidents, lockout, etc.) -
Planning Express Standard Full
Load planning, visual planning, Drag & Drop
Project management - - -
Gantt chart - - -
Resource management Express Standard Full
Internal labor management
Outsourcing management
Managing contracts with subcontractors -
Managing skills, accreditations and training -
Stock and purchasing management Express Standard Full
Stock, supplier management
Purchasing management -
Management of registration numbers -
Warehousing module -
Stock inventories
Indicators Express Standard Full
User portal, appropriate indicators, activity managing
MTBF, MTTR and failure rates
Budget management Express Standard Full
Purchase budgets -
Operating budgets -
Connectors and interface Express Standard Full
Interoperability. Publisher-publisher connectors
Data import/export module to initialize the data from the CMMS, or to set up interfaces
Customer management Express Standard Full
Tool adapted to service providers -
Customer management -
Customer contract management -
SLA management -


Feature available
Optional feature
Feature available in April 2016
Feature unavailable -