DIMO Maint MX : the new generation web CMMS !

The fruit of over 25 years of expertise in developing software solutions for maintenance, DIMO Maint MX is the latest of DIMO Maint’s CMMS solutions. The solution takes advantage of all the latest technologies.

With DIMO Maint MX, we have designed tomorrow’s CMMS : modern, ergonomic, collaborative, connected, smart, tailored to international imperatives and more fun to use !

With DIMO Maint MX, choose the new generation CMMS :

  • Work is simpler and faster for service technicians
  • A real management tool from a single screen
  • A number of automatic features to avoid having to spend too much time on the tool
  • Each profile has its use : supervisor, user, requestor and guest

The advantages of DIMO Maint MX

  • Web architecture
  • Completely redesigned innovative ergonomics
  • More intuitive navigation
  • Cloud / Saas offer : rental mode hosted in our hosting center
  • 2.0 Collaborative
  • Mobility : DIMO Maint Mobile APP

The characteristics of DIMO Maint MX

  • Multi-browser
  • Multi-lingual – Unicode Management
  • Multi-time zones, multi-currency
  • Multi-platform : PC, tablet and smartphone
  • QR Code
  • RFID

The features of DIMO Maint MX

DIMO Maint MX is currently available in the Express and Standard version.

With the agile development method, the DIMO Maint MX solution gets new features every 3 weeks.

Asset Management
Organization of assets
Multi-tree structure
Geographical and functional
Traceability of changes, moves
History of operations on each asset
Service request management
Work requests, preventive, corrective and regulatory
Preventive meter
Statements Management
Preventive calendar
Maintenance task lists
Diagnostic help: effect-cause-remedy, fault tree, decision-making support
Workload planning
Visual planning
Drag & Drop
Resource management
Internal labor management
Managing contracts with subcontractors
Stock and purchasing management
Multi-store management, Multi-supplier
Moves of parts, inputs and outputs
Assigning a spare part directly on a work order
History of spare parts movements
Spare parts inventory
Order Management


Feature available
Optional feature