DIMO Maint OM: the comprehensive user-friendly CMMS


DIMO Maint suggest you to evolve to DIMO Maint, the new generation CMMS complete and user-friendly. This solution is based on more than 20 years of OptiMaint software experience.
DIMO Maint offers today :

  • a client / server system for Windows,
  • mobile extensions for smartphone / tablet,
  • and web functions accessible from the main browsers of the market.

DIMO Maint OM’s +

  • Modern ergonomics and a totally intuitive navigation
  • A full adaptability for an evolutive use
  • A quick set up and handling
  • Simple decision tools and advanced KPIs

DIMO Maint OM’s features

  • Windows client
  • Local Network
  • Single or multiple windowing, Multiple time zones
  • Multiple companies
  • Unlimited work request module
    (Full web, client-server or mobile application)
  • Bar code editing Mobile
  • Mobile Application

The characteristics of DIMO Maint OM

Management of assets
• Organisation of equipment
• Multi-tree structure
• Technical description
• Monitoring of depreciation
• Monitoring of transfers
• Equipment calendar
• Geolocation of equipment
• Equipment inventory
• History of maintenance work on each equipment item

Management of maintenance work
• Conditional preventive maintenance (measurements)
• Meter preventive maintenance
• Calendar preventive maintenance
• Maintenance task lists
• Grouped tasks
• Work requests for preventive, corrective and regulatory
• Diagnostic support: failure tree (symptoms, diagnostics,
remedies), decision support

• Workload schedule, visual schedule, Drag & Drop
• Project management

Management of resources
• Management of internal work force
• Management of supplier contracts and sub-contractors
• Management of skills, authorisations and training

Management of stocks and purchasing
• Stock inventories
• Stock, management of suppliers
• Management from purchase request to invoicing

• Portal per user, adapted indicators, supervision of activity
• MTBF, MTTR and failure rate


An open communicative CMMS solution

OM Com :free and unlimited extension by simultaneous connections to create work or purchase requests, update meters
and manage equipment and technician schedules.

OM DI Web : work request form accessible via a web browser.

Easy interfacing with your information system (ERP, Accounting, Supervision, etc.)