The benefits of the DIMO Maint CMMS


The CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is designed to maintain, manage and control assets efficiently and economically.

As a source of savings and a vehicle for performance, equipment and asset maintenance is strategic for companies and organizations. Efficient maintenance provides a better return on investment and prevents critical failures that generate delays in deliveries or service interruptions.

So companies must have effective means to secure and maintain their assets at the lowest cost.

Benefits for everyone in the company !

What are the benefits for you, Service Technician ?

  • It’s easy to learn and use : no computer knowledge required, intuitive, simplified input
  • An efficient business solution : automated processes for improved responsiveness, and efficiency in the field increased tenfold
  • Complete, reliable technical information in real time : ease of access to data wherever you are, improved feedback.
benefice Responsable Maintenance

What are the benefits for you, Maintenance Manager ?

  • Assigning work quickly : assigning work orders based on technicians’ skills and availability
  • Improved activity tracking : a true management tool with the activity tracking indicators and alerts in order to take action quickly
  • Increased staff productivity : better work planning of interventions, task lists, reduced inventory time

What are the benefits for the Maintenance Department ?

  • Simplified Reporting : tracking the main maintenance indicators
  • Detailed analyses : understand asset costs and labor costs in detail
  • Relevant decision-making : dashboards and key indicators for quick decision-making
benefice Direction Technique
benefice Acheteur

What are the benefits for you, Buyers ?

  • Reducing spare part stock costs : Stocks adapted to planned needs and shortages anticipated
  • Improved monitoring and control of sub-contracting
  • Supplier evaluation : Measuring whether results are in keeping with commitments

What are the benefits for you, IS Manager ?

  • Easy deployment : an appropriate solution: Intranet, hosted or Cloud
  • Maximum security : ISO 27001 Standard Security initiative
  • Easy integration of the CMMS into the IS : a communicative solution, connectors tested with the leading ERPs on the market, MES, supervisions, etc.
benefice Direction du Système d'Information
Les bénéfices de la GMAO DIMO Maint

What are the benefits for the Financial department ?

  • An overall view of the measurement and control of maintenance costs
  • A significant reduction in maintenance, electricity and water consumption costs
  • Return on investment
  • Reliability, availability and durability of assets, vehicles and infrastructure
  • Optimization of sub-contracting costs
  • Programmed tracking of tasks and costs not included in the contract