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Welcome to the CMMS BLOG!

For the uninitiated, this must seem a strange name for a blog!
CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems is DIMO Maint’s core business and has become an essential tool for businesses and organisations seeking to effectively manage and permanently control the maintenance of their assets and infrastructures.
A technological brick that is key to the maintenance of the future, DIMO Maint dedicates this blog to all those involved in field of maintenance: in production, quality, methods and maintenance.

What can we expect?

Featuring expert opinions, news on the latest products, feedback and trends in maintenance and computing, this blog is designed to be the showcase of all product/market news from DIMO Maint.

Our articles are written by our expert staff, as well as partners in the maintenance sector.

How can I stay connected?

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The DIMO Maint blogger team.

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