Choosing the right CMMS

There you are! CMMS selection is an essential step in your project.
Let us help you choose the solution that best fits your needs from the multitude of software available on the market currently.

To go digital by adopting a CMMS is a big step towards making your organization’s maintenance more efficient.
When selecting the type of software you invest in, you should:

Which CMMS to choose
Choosing a true new generation CMMS

Choose a truly new-generation CMMS!

Say goodbye to long and tedious spreadsheets or outdated software for management, and opt for a new generation CMMS that is easy to deploy, use, and upgrade. Avoid obsolete or technologically limited solutions that penalize organizations in their growth projects.

Make life easier for your employees, give them a tool that meets their needs for today and tomorrow (ergonomics, mobility, flexibility, reliability, compliance, security…).

A comprehensive CMMS package and not just a simple maintenance management solution

Maintenance request software have limited use and do not allow for optimal maintenance activity management.
Manage your maintenance efficiently with a comprehensive CMMS solution that will not be limited to simple field operations management, which would sometimes better fit an after-sales service activity.

Organise and anticipate your maintenance

A structuring tool for efficient maintenance

Simplify and secure your work

An easy, intuitive, user-friendly solution for better performance

Analyze and manage your activity

A 360° visibility into your activity and increased reactivity

Connect your solution to your information system

Successful collaboration between the different departments of your organization

Make sure that the functionalities of the CMMS match your needs. Do not hesitate to ask for a presentation from us and start your free trial of the solution.

Choosing a modern CMMS

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and you need to ensure that your CMMS software is flexible and adaptable enough to keep pace with your existing information system.
This is especially true if you have been using a CMMS solution for many years and are considering migrating to a new generation CMMS.

To ensure you get modern software that will scale with your organization, make sure your CMMS is :

cmms open and easy to connect

Open and easily connected

Verify that your CMMS uses an application programming interface (API) via web services to guarantee interoperability with your existing or future software.

natively mobile CMMS

Natively mobile

A CMMS solution without a mobile application is simply impractical. Access to maintenance data in the field is essential to operational efficiency. Beware of CMMS that offer a solution only available in an IoS environment or only deployable from a tablet.

Providing a tool that could be used transparently, regardless of local culture and age group, proved to be a challenge. Our number one goal was to improve reliability while reducing maintenance costs. A robust and flexible CMMS platform was therefore required.

Pieter Van Nueten, Maintenance Engineer – Laurelton Diamonds

Cloud-based or on-premise

So you have been asked to study the different functionalities and models of SaaS or on-premise CMMS software, and you don’t know which one to choose.

Choose a CMMS solution that is resolutely efficient, scalable, and economical.

Cloud-based CMMS

CMMS locally
  • Avalaible everywhere anytime
  • Automatic updates
  • No initial investment in IT infrastucture
  • Highly secure data hosting

On-premise CMMS

online cmms
  • Installation on your servers
  • Local hosting of your data
  • Available without internet connection
  • Regular updates of the software to operate

Choose software that is well-suited to the scale of your project

Knowing where you stand in the market is important when choosing the software you need. If you’re a small business looking for simple work order management software, you don’t necessarily want to buy a CMMS with a multitude of features. On the other hand, if you are a growing company, you don’t want to invest in software that will limit your evolution or your international deployment, for example.

Small and medium organizations

For small and medium-sized organizations

You are looking for a simple, intuitive, and scalable CMMS!

Multi-site organizations

Multi-site organizations

You are looking for a flexible and user-friendly multi-site CMMS!

International deployment

International deployment

You need both a solution adapted to a multi-country deployment and a proven methodology.

Verify the solution is adapted to your industry

The challenges of maintenance differ from one sector of activity to another. Invest in the CMMS that best answers your business issues.







Transportation and Logistics

Hospitality and Catering

Mining, quarries, and civil engineering

The DIMO Maint range of CMMS software

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