CMMS solution for building maintenance

The DIMO Maint CMMS opens the door for efficient and essential maintenance management. Precisely monitor the installations placed under your responsibility.

The challenges of corporate real estate and facility management

As a maintenance, technical, facility, operations, general services, property, or building manager, you must always meet regulatory, economic, and energy requirements.

The challenges of corporate real estate and facility management

The challenges of sustainable development

The beginning of this century is confronted with significant challenges, and sustainable development is at the heart of these concerns.

Your management requires you to follow this trend and the reduction of energy consumption in your buildings becomes an empirical need. As the maintenance manager, you become the guarantor of the QHSE policy (quality, hygiene, safety, environment).

Your energy management must be efficient and focused on profitability. Energy production solutions are encouraged, as energy-positive buildings are becoming concrete social, individual, and collective projects.

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Compliance with regulatory standards

In the building industry, there are many regulatory standards. Establishments receiving the public (ERP) are subject to reinforced regulatory standards in various aspects of their activity to avoid accidents and guarantee the sanitary and physical safety of people, such as:

  • building design
  • space planning 
  • compliance with fire standards 
  • facility lighting
  • alarm and detection device
  • air quality measurement
  • evacuation device
  • Keeping a safety log
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Supporting the rise of smart buildings

A connected building, or smart building, is much more than a traditional building and integrates layers of digital tools that allow many improvements:

  • optimization of energy resources
  • employee comfort
  • improvement of working conditions
  • reduction of operational costs, etc.

Your building can anticipate its maintenance needs and automatically request maintenance work with today’s technologies.

How? The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling this transition to the future. Building Information Modeling (BIM), a building data modeling tool that revolutionizes the design, construction, and operation of buildings, also deserves mention.

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Optimizing and making the most out of building use

It is essential to maintain all the assets, structures, and other facilities that provide services to occupants in operational condition. This ranges from electricity to alarms, air conditioning, heating, and elevators.

The aim is to increase the life of each installation, to improve their availability and reliability.

The use of a CMMS solution allows you to have a global vision of the’ health’ of the building at any given moment.

The CMMS adapted to the needs of technical management for buildings

The DIMO Maint CMMS guarantees the technical performance of your buildings. Adapted to your sector, DIMO Maint ensures the quality and continuity of the service provided.

We have developed a solution dedicated to Facility Management according to your needs.

Different CMMS needs

The DIMO Maint CMMS can be adapted to the numerous stakeholders of this sector:

  • a company with a technical department that ensures the maintenance of its buildings with its own technical services;
  • a building operating company whose purpose is to subcontract maintenance. The company must follow and prove its contractual commitments;
  • a manufacturer who contracts a maintenance or service provider for his end customer;
  • a facility management company, which uses a CMMS for its customers’ maintenance management.
Different CMMS needs

The flagship features of CMMS for property management

DIMO Maint positions itself as a partner of choice for your company. We offer you web solutions that ensure a complete management of your Facility management issues:

The DIMO Maint CMMS is positioned as a web portal, giving access to all the business processes of the management while considering purchase orders.

Our CMMS allows you to control all of your assets minutely through pool water analysis, verification of the stands or availability of generators, etc.

Well-received by technicians, our mobile CMMS allows for flexibility and reactivity in maintenance jobs. It also opens up the possibility of working offline and grants fast access to all the necessary documentation.

The DIMO Maint CMMS displays relevant data directly on your dashboard. You are alerted of potential breakdowns, and requests for maintenance work are activated automatically.

DIMO Maint offers you a unique repository listing all the organizations, sites, occupants, assets, and providers. Thanks to BIM, you have a global vision of your real estate assets.

You have access to many performance indicators that you can analyze very quickly (thanks to quality, availability, and reactivity indicators). Better informed decisions improve the performance of your facilities.

Efficient management of maintenance providers and contracts

The CMMS meets one of the essential needs of monitoring the contracts of the various maintenance providers hired to ensure the maintenance and repair of your sites and their equipment. Choosing a solution like DIMO Maint FM , it is to simplify your daily life with:

  • a quick visualization of work orders in progress,
  • a permanent control of the respect of the deadlines,
  • the regulatory controls planned,
  • the work already done and the associated costs,
  • validation of estimates and invoices.

Offer a personalized web portal to each of your service providers in order to be notified in real time of work requests, to provide transparency on the status of progress and to make reports available.

A CMMS integrated into the real estate reference information system

A CMMS integrated with the real estate information system

At the dawn of a new era, as buildings become more and more autonomous and connected, more intelligent in short, DIMO Maint proposes solutions that connect easily to the existing information system.

Meaningful partnerships in the real estate sector

  • PcVue : interactive and contextual platform for real-time data management, IoT, SCADA
  • Algo’tech : BIM No Code solutions with Vision and Archidata
  • BMS: Honeywell

Find out more about our CMMS for buildings

Among our CMMS building customer references

  • Caisse d’Epargne Rhône Alpes – Lyon
  • Caixa Estalvis De Tarragona – Tarragona
  • General Council of Lot et Garonne
  • Groupama Transport – Le Havre
  • Groupama Rhône Alpes Auvergne – Lyon
  • Haute Garonne Departmental Hall – Toulouse
  • Information Technology Banques Populaires – Dijon
  • Telefónica – Madrid
  • CCI de la Vienne
  • Plastic Omnium
  • Almazar Centre Commercial – Marrakech
  • Centre Commercial Le Grand Littoral – Marseille
  • Euro Center – Budapest
  • Cité de la Mer – Cherbourg
  • EANA – Parc de Loisirs et d’Exploration de la Terre en Normandie – Gruchet Le Valasse
  • Musées de la Ville de Saint Nazaire
  • Musée du Président Jacques Chirac – Sarran
  • Océanopolis – Brest
  • Agen Exhibition Centre
  • Sagrada Familia – Barcelona
  • Terra Botanica – Angers
  • SAS Grand Parc Du Puy Du Fou
  • Agen
  • Pays de la Loire (high school maintenance)
  • SEMPI (Brest Métropole)

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