CAFM software for Westpark Shannon Office Park

Case study – DIMO Maint FM and Westpark Shannon

Ireland’s Premier International Business Campus, Westpark Shannon is the host for more than 50 different organisations. With WSL, their facilities team who is managing the maintenance, building and assets of the Office Park with over 50 contractors and internal engineers, a need was identified to implement a suitable CAFM and CMMS solution.

  • Automate the helpdesk and track all issues arising to close out
  • Guarantee no item gets overlooked
  • Maintain existing personal customer service relations with clients
  • Automatically generate reoccurring routine PPM schedules
  • Drive compliance and track performance
  • Eliminate duplication of documentation and correspondences
  • Provide clarity of responsibility for follow up and close out of assigned tasks

Westpark Shannon Business Campus

The DIMO Maint FM Solution

  • 3-hour on-site training session to 3-man central team.
  • Job requests sent in by email. DIMO Maint then creates requests
  • Over 200 reactive and planned jobs booked each month.
  • Over 35 planned maintenance schedules set up across sites, assets and locations handling legionella testing, fire alarms to AC Maintenance.
  • Over 4,500 photos and documents loaded in against jobs.
  • 38+ contractors loaded onto system for performance of work.
  • 100+ assets uploaded from spreadsheet via DIMO Maint FM or entered via interface. Each asset assigned to a site and location / sub-location within the office park.
  • Use electronic forms for inspections and checklist.


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