CMMS solution for the Energy industry

DIMO Maint brings a solution adapted to the stakeholders in Energy. Thanks to our CMMS solutions, you will reach your objective and optimize your maintenance.

The challenges of maintenance in Energy

Energy is a constantly evolving and indispensable business sector. In recent years, fossil fuels have lost market share to renewable energies.

Nevertheless, the purpose of these two types of energy remains the same: the satisfaction (as much as reasonably possible) of everyone’s needs. Only the way of producing energy differs.

Choosing an efficient CMMS is critical for the maintenance of production, storage, and distribution services and their use by consumers.

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The challenges of energy maintenance

Asset availability: an economic issue

The availability of equipment an economic issue

Energy is a sector of activity at the center of the world economy and, therefore, of each country’s economy. In the broadest sense of the term, energy includes the production of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energies, their transformation, distribution, storage, marketing, and final consumption.

Due to its critical nature, the energy sector attracts attention from authorities. Indeed, energy is a lever for global geopolitics. If a production or storage infrastructure is no longer available, it can influence a country’s economy or even the world economy.

Efficient maintenance of such infrastructures is essential for the smooth running of the global economy.

Safety and compliance: fundamental maintenance issues

Safety and compliance of fundamental maintenance issues

The energy sector pays particular attention to the safety of its assets. Poor management could lead to serious incidents, directly impacting the population.

ATEX: managing regulatory controls in energy

The ATEX regulation concerning Explosive Atmospheres is a European standard that applies in France in compliance with the Labor Code. It requires all heads of establishments to monitor risks related to explosions in the energy sector in the same way as other professional risks.

Each company in this sector must undergo an assessment of the explosion risks in its perimeter. The purpose of this assessment (DRPCE in French, Document Relatif à la Protection Contre les Explosions) is to identify places where explosive elements could be released.

The CMMS can help you during the audit for the DRPCE evaluation.

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Critical Equipment Management: a central issue in maintenance

Critical Equipment Management, or CEM, is a central component of security.

Maintenance plays a central role here as risk management is based on the deployment and drastic monitoring of a preventive maintenance plan. If a problem is raised on an asset, maintenance has three months to solve the problem.

By choosing a CMMS solution, you will be able to define and follow a preventive maintenance plan.

Environmental protection

The protection of the environment is one of the major issues of the 21st century, and renewable energies have been developed on this principle to fight against the current climate changes.

Waste management is also a substantial part of the issue. CMMS is a powerful tool that will allow you to optimize the management of waste produced by your organization.

Environmental protection

Innovation and research

Innovation and research

Currently, there is a trend towards renewable energies, which are in full growth.

To help these companies, many start-ups have been launched. Their ambition is often to propose solutions to make the working environment safe and facilitate and secure maintenance for the field workers. These ambitions can be applied to fossil fuel companies.

Stakeholder mobility in the energy sector

Companies in the energy sector are very interested in the maintenance function. They are looking to equip maintenance operations in mobile situations with user-friendly cloud CMMS and mobile solution to:

strengthen ivon


security, improve asset availability, modernize work methods and increase efficiency

strengthen ivon


data entry from the field, accelerate data feedback in real-time and make data more reliable;

strengthen ivon


remote access to documents and data important to achieving maintenance operations in complete safety and efficiency.

A CMMS project is successful if the users are well trained and fill in the database exhaustively and systematically. After all, the CMMS is a tool that serves as their interface between the field and management personnel. As the true repository for maintenance history, the CMMS solution makes it possible to analyze a request’s degree of relevance and the efficiency of the technical team.

Bruno Pierrine, technical director at Dyneff, a petroleum products distributor

CMMS adapted to the constraints of companies in the energy sector

The DIMO Maint CMMS precisely meets the needs of companies in the energy sector
as we adapt to the specificities of your business.

Energy sector: what are the benefits of a CMMS?

reduce time

Reduce asset downtime

On-site teams can quickly report incidents. The Maintenance Manager receives and processes the request, creating and assigning work orders to the best performing maintenance technician.

optimize security

Optimize the security of your assets

Add remarks about any security issues to provide context and resolve them quickly.

managing tasks

Manage the maintenance tasks of your subcontractors

Provide controlled access to each user to allow them to receive, modify and close work orders

Energy sector: what are the main functionalities of a CMMS?

Energy the main functionalities of a CMMS 

Our solutions are adapted to the ground realities of companies from the sector of energy:

Asset and maintenance management
Once you have identified which asset requires a corrective maintenance action in real-time, you can assign the task to the technician of your choice.

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Considerations for mobility
Our mobile CMMS application allows access from the field to all asset data, maintenance task-list, etc.

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Management of the preventive maintenance plan
You know in advance which asset you should intervene on to check its condition.

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Subcontractor management
You can manage your subcontracts and grant temporary or permanent access to your CMMS. The subcontractors only have access to the maintenance data needed for their maintenance work. Their connection is completely secure.

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Management of a conditional preventive maintenance plan
Thanks to meter readings and measurements, you can measure the proper functioning of an asset and automatically generate a preventive maintenance request at the slightest alert.

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Key indicators for monitoring
You monitor in real-time the maintenance activity via key indicators that show you areas of strength or improvement.

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A CMMS integrated into the information system of companies in the energy sector

To tackle the significant challenges of the Energy sector, DIMO Maint offers a series of innovative answers to the digitalization of the maintenance function. These solutions demonstrate perfect interoperability with the information system you already use.

To facilitate your use of DIMO Maint CMMS, we have established strategic partnerships with recognized business solutions in your sector of activity.

Meaningful partnerships in the Energy sector:

  • Digital maintenance log (collaborative cloud and augmented reality): Ubleam
  • Interactive and contextual platform for real-time data management, IoT, SCADA IoT, SCADA : PcVue
A CMMS integrated into the information system of companies in the energy sector

Find out more about our energy CMMS

Our CMMS customer references in the energy sector include

  • Oryx Energies
  • TotalEnergies
  • Air Liquide
  • Dynasa
  • Stogaz
  • Dyneff
  • Vermillion
  • Electricity of Mozambique
  • Idex Énergies
  • Dalkia Bourges
  • Amethyst
  • ENGIE Solutions
  • Waga Energies

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