CMMS solution for the Environment

The Environment CMMS is designed to meet the specific needs of private companies, service companies, or local authorities in the environmental sector.

Maintenance in the environmental sector: issues and challenges

DIMO Maint helps you implement your CMMS for the environment.

Rely on a recognized player who will help you set up an efficient and optimized tool to reduce your costs while complying with increasingly strict regulations.

Environmental maintenance issues and problems

A dedicated environmental CMMS to improve communication

All organizations are often confronted with communication problems, and green industries are no exception. Our CMMS allows for clear improvements in internal communication.

For example:
An employee notices an anomaly on a construction machine. The DIMO Maint CMMS allows to react instantly by alerting the entire chain of decisions and maintenance:


the employee warns operational management of the operating problem.


Maintenance corrects the problem safely.


At the same time, the maintenance department is also informed.


Operational management is informed of the completion of the maintenance operation. Site activity can resume.


Operational management instantly reschedule production processes at the site.


The employee is notified as soon as the problem is corrected. He can resume his shift.


Maintenance plans a corrective maintenance operation to restore the system to working order as soon as possible

The worksite returns to its normal level of activity

An environmental CMMS solution that help improve operational efficiency

Sometimes maintenance technicians are prevented from working if, for example, one of the critical elements that ensures the maintenance work can be done safely is not available for one reason or another. In scenarios like these, the operation has to be postponed, and your organization loses money in the meantime.

Let’s use an example to illustrate how CMMS can solve the situation.

A technician is on call during the weekend. A freight elevator breaks down at a remote site. This elevator is essential for the proper functioning of production assets. The technician has to travel 40 km to reach the maintenance site. As he arrives on-site, he realizes that he does not have the electrical diagram of the elevator.

As a result:

An environment CMMS solution improves operational efficiency
the technician is under intense stress
he has to travel up to 120 km back and forth to get the electrical diagram
maintenance costs are skyrocketing
the response time is much longer than expected

If the technician had access from the start to our mobile solution DIMO Maint App, he could have viewed the electrical diagram directly from his tablet or smartphone. The round trip would have been avoided, and maintenance costs would not have exploded.

What other issues are critical to your maintenance plan?

Increase asset availability through better maintenance optimization.

Improve visibility and anticipate regulatory asset maintenance.

Anticipate renewals so that assets are well-kept.

Maintaining continuity of service is key.

Why use our CMMS solution dedicated to environmental sector?

For maintenance technicians

  • Our CMMS is easy to learn and simple to use: no computer knowledge is required, even for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • Our CMMS is ergonomic: we have developed a Cloud/SaaS software and an intuitive application. We offer simplified input means: it is possible to attach pictures to your maintenance reports and record your voice to avoid writing your observations.
  • Our CMMS is a high-performance business solution. Efficiency is increased tenfold on the field. Processes are automated to increase the reactivity of the entire maintenance team.
  • The CMMS offers reliable technical information in real-time: data is accessible, even from the top of a wind turbine.
The benefits for maintenance technicians

For maintenance managers

  • Improved activity monitoring: a management tool including activity monitoring indicators and alerts to act as quickly as possible.
  • Rapid work assignment: work orders are assigned according to the technicians’ skills and availability.
  • Improved team productivity: maintenance works are planned for in a way to ensure time optimization, better task-lists, and reduced inventory time.
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For the Technical Department

  • Detailed analyses that provide an accurate understanding of material and labor costs. You can now break down all the issues involved in maintenance.
  • Traceable maintenance actions improve processing times for regulatory standards.
  • Simplified reporting allows for better monitoring of the main indicators of the maintenance division.
  • Improved decision-making based on comprehensive dashboards and critical indicators. Decision-making is faster and more data-driven.
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The new generation wastewater treatment plant at La Feyssine, in the Lyon metropolitan area in France, processes 91,000 m3 of wastewater every day. Its capacity corresponds to a group of 300 000 inhabitants. Choosing DIMO Maint CMMS mainly helped us improve the traceability of maintenance activities. Moreover, work orders have become critical to our internal functioning, and the creation of work orders is simplified thanks to the implementation of QR codes. Lastly, we opted for the DIMO Maint App option to unlock our mobility and allow ourselves to manage maintenance on the go.

Emeline CASAS – Director of the La Feyssine wastewater treatment plant – Suez Sequaly

DIMO Maint: all the features you need for the environment sector

The DIMO Maint CMMS guarantees the maintenance of asset performance. Adapted to your sector, DIMO Maint plays a central role in ensuring the quality and continuity of the service provided.

Our solution allows you to:

  • structure asset maintenance along a tree structure covering the sites, structures, processes, functions, installations, asset, automation systems, sensors, etc. ;
  • have precise information on the asset and their location, condition, bill of materials, spare parts, operating procedures, plans, and official documentation
  • schedule preventive maintenance operations as accurately as possible based on real-time performance and wear indicators (from meters, measurements) retrieved from the supervision system
  • interface the CMMS with the supervision system connected to the sensors to record events (malfunction alarms, number of cycles, etc.) and measurements (levels, temperatures, etc.)
  • ensure the follow-up of routine maintenance, such as checks, calibration, and preventive cleaning as recommended by the manufacturers and the legislation.
DIMO Maint all the features you need for the environment sector

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