The Facility Management Software: DIMO Maint FM

DIMO Maint FM enables the management of buildings and
assets for facilities managers, building owners, and Facilities
Services providers.

Optimize the maintenance and operation of your buildings

Choosing DIMO Maint FM means opting for a software dedicated to the maintenance management of real estate, easy to configure and quick to deploy.

Give yourself all the essential functions for the maintenance management of your buildings. Whether you are a maintenance external contractor or an end customer, DIMO Maint FM adapts perfectly to the needs of real estate maintenance.

Online Facility Maintenance solution, DIMO Maint FM provides great flexibility in your organization thanks to its 3 mobile applications for:

  • supervisors and managers
  • technicians and subcontractors
  • occupants wishing to create tickets and job requests.
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Optimize the maintenance and operation of your buildings

DIMO Maint FM, the easily configurable Facility Maintenance software

DIMO Maint FM the easily configurable Facility Maintenance software

DIMO Maint FM helps you keep your sites and assets running smoothly. It helps you minimize service disruptions, downtime, ensure regulatory controls are tracked, and reduce costs.

Simplify maintenance with software designed for you!

CMMS Facility Maintenance accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world

With DIMO Maint FM, you evolve without constraints. You choose a CMMS solution developed with the latest web technologies, available in Cloud/SaaS mode that extends mobility to all its users. The DIMO Maint FM online CMMS solution allows you to take advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud:

No installation required & accessible from a simple internet connection

On-demand consumption in the form of a rent

Access from your mobile devices and offline mode

Continuous evolution with regular automatic updates

Secure data and respect for personal data protection

Interoperability with your existing information system

DIMO Maint FM: the CMMS solution you can trust

100% mobile

Interoperable with your IS

Mobile IS with its 3 applications

Have a real health record of your buildings and assets

Structure and use a real knowledge base of your buildings throughout their life cycle. DIMO Maint FM allows you to build a logical and intuitive tree structure (sites/buildings, floors, premises, assets), which adapts to your most complex constraints such as multi-site, multi-business configurations.

Allow quick access to the essential data of your assets (job history, preventative plans, plans and diagrams, documents, regulatory instructions, etc.) thanks to mobile applications and QR Code management in particular.

Guarantee optimal asset availability and ensure the comfort and safety of users through increased responsiveness in the management of job requests, monitoring of work and follow-up of preventative maintenance actions.

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Have a real health record of your buildings and assets
Monitor your external contractors and manage your contracts

Monitor your external contractors and manage your contracts

Keep a close track of the contracts signed with your maintenance contractors in DIMO Maint FM. You can quickly see the jobs, whether deadlines have been met, what regulatory checks have been scheduled, what work has already been carried out and the associated costs by processing and validating quotes and invoices. You can optimise the volume of contracts for greater satisfaction and efficiency.

The solution allows you to identify and plan jobs for each of your subcontractors. A personalised web portal allows them to be notified of job requests in real time, to provide transparency on the state of progress and to make reports available.

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Optimize communication with all stakeholders

DIMO Maint FM favours communication between clients, contractors, internal maintenance teams and occupants.

A single repository for technical data relating to buildings and their assets, the CMMS is central to exchanges and makes it possible to obtain the information you need, when you need it and where you need it.

It allows to:

  • shorten the time from the moment a job is initiated to its completion,
  • increase the productivity of the participants,
  • validate expenses
  • monitor deadlines
  • trace and record actions
  • simplify access to information
  • offer the ability to supervise
  • communicate better with your team and your client.

DIMO Maint offers a great capacity of adaptation to your organisation thanks to its web access and mobile applications. It also allows you to:

  • configure workflows for multiple uses: validation of estimates, etc.
  • create your own electronic forms to facilitate inspections, checklists, risk assessments, meter readings, health and safety, surveys.
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Optimize communication with all stakeholders
Ensure accurate budget monitoring and cost control

Ensure accurate budget monitoring and cost control

DIMO Maint FM offers you the possibility to create and accept quotes and invoices for each maintenance service.

Full details of quotes and invoices can be created in DIMO Maint FM line by line. You can also upload documents to a quote or invoice. Quotes can be created by internal users or external contractors.
They can then be approved or rejected.
You can invite multiple contractors to issue a quote from within the application for intelligent purchasing management.
Multiple costs can be entered quickly, job by job, on a single screen. Define budgets for each job, by period and by job type, so you can manage the annual repair budget from within DIMO Maint FM. All costs and budgets can be exported to Excel.

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Facilitate reporting

In addition to precise budget monitoring and cost control, DIMO Maint FM allows you to report on key performance indicators (KPIs) and compliance with contractual deadlines (SLAs).

All dashboards can be created to your specifications, and you can choose from 9 different dashboards for different users. Each dashboard can contain key information in the form of summary lists, graphs and key figures about daily and planned maintenance.

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facilitate reporting

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