Get your CMMS operational in less than 24 hours through our remote services (QuickStart MX)

With the “Quick Start” offer, benefit from a fast and completely remote deployment of DIMO Maint MX.

3 Reasons to choose the "Quick Start" CMMS deployment offer

You are looking for, or you want to switch to, a CMMS software that is easy to pick up, quick to deploy, and simple to use for your mobile technicians. DIMO Maint MX is a cost-effective and user-friendly SaaS/Cloud CMMS solution perfect for non-IT users so they can focus their attention back on their core business: maintenance.

3 reasons to choose the DIMO Maint MX Quick Start CMMS offer


Two times less expensive than a classic CMMS offer.
This offer frees you from budgetary constraints and allows you to start your CMMS while benefiting from a complete, non-modular solution with features that you can activate at your own pace.


2- FAST deployment

Be autonomous and operational from 24 hours of consulting services.
An on-site project usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks, while the DIMO Maint MX deployment starts within ten days after your order.



Relying on proven methodology to ensure the success of your project with regular follow-up from the start for as long as you need it.

The advantage of the Quick Start remote implementation offer is, of course, the cost. Secondly, it is easy to master, and the DIMO support team was very responsive and available. That’s great when you don’t have a full day to devote to training. We were able to spread out and split up the sessions so as not to disrupt the working day.

Marc Denjean, Maintenance Manager – DMD Group (Domaines Montariol and Degroote)

A functional scope tailored to your business needs

Start your single-site CMMS project with the functional scope of DIMO Maint MX.



Complete visibility over your assets and their maintenance history.


Maintenance operations

Reliable and efficient management of corrective, preventive, conditional and regulatory maintenance.



Easily assign work orders to your internal or external maintenance operators.



Helps you manage and build your spare parts inventory.

Free yourself from time and budget constraints and facilitate maintenance management by choosing an ergonomic and intuitive cloud CMMS solution.

ergonomic and intuitive CMMS Cloud solution

A progressive and efficient CMMS deployment in 8 steps

Let a DIMO Maint trainer guide you remotely to deploy your CMMS in 8 steps successfully:

1. Defining your company’s needs via a questionnaire
2. Setting up a 3-week training schedule
3. Installing the SaaS platform and mobile applications
4. Getting started with the Administrator and providing video support
5. Data transfer from Excel frames and importing provided by DIMO Maint
6. Help with parameters setting with a unique Administrator for the entirety of the project
7. Production start-up and feedback on the training sessions carried out internally by the Administrator
8. Post-startup usage reports one month and three months after startup
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