CMMS solution for healthcare establishments

Effective maintenance management is essential to ensure buildings and medical devices’ reliability, safety, and compliance.

Organize maintenance in accordance with health requirements and ensure the working conditions of care staff

Our CMMS for healthcare allows you to be reactive and intervene quickly in the interests of the medical staff and the patient and guarantees optimal sanitary conditions seven days a week thanks to critical assets that are continuously functioning and maintained in operational condition.

Organise maintenance in accordance with health requirements and ensure the working conditions of care staff

Ensure the traceability and follow-up of maintenance work on health-related equipment

The CMMS makes it possible to trace and track all the maintenance operations carried out on health establishments’ assets, including small structures (EPHAD, care centers), and thus to avoid at all costs asset failures, including:

espirators, MRI, scanners

beds, carts, stretchers, occupational therapy equipment, vehicles

power generation, heating, air conditioning, water, air treatment, medical fluids, generators

general condition, hygiene, security, fire detection, and protection

Ensuring maintenance traceability allows you to meet the requirements for materiovigilance on biomedical devices and comply with the regulatory obligations regarding these devices by documenting their maintenance history. CMMS helps you keep the quality, safety, and maintenance register or the asset health log, manage all completed or pending maintenance tasks, and monitor subcontracting contracts (with equipment manufacturers, maintenance service providers, after-sales services, regulatory control offices, etc.).

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Improve the management of interventions for reactive maintenance of health infrastructures in optimal sanitary conditions

Improve response management to maintain health infrastructures in optimal conditions

Error is not an option when it comes to the proper functioning of medical equipment and building infrastructure. Keeping those in good working order is essential for health care facilities designed for the well-being of patients and residents. In this case, good maintenance management is, simply put, a matter of life and death. CMMS help you to:


intervene reactively for care services that need to be repaired quickly because they are key to the well-being of patients and residents: if a defect is found, it must be quickly corrected.

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Preventive maintenance logic

To progress towards preventive maintenance, which makes compliance with regulatory requirements more straightforward. For example, it is mandatory to carry out the scheduled inspection of the installations periodically. By automatically generating work orders following a preventive maintenance program, CMMS maximize the safety and reliability of your healthcare infrastructure assets.

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Make and better manage your assets inventory

The CMMS ensures that healthcare institutions have complete visibility of their equipment and infrastructure that need to be maintained to ensure the continuous quality of service. In particular, it helps to:

  • improve knowledge over the asset pool,
  • identify, classify, and inventory materials and record them in a database,
  • apply a maintenance policy to all referenced equipment (pure, preventive, or regulatory repairs)
  • manage the stock of spare parts for consumables (filters, lights, probes, electronic cards, jack for hospital bed, etc.)  
Be able to inventory heritage equipment and better manage inventory

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Analyze, monitor, and optimize maintenance management

For health care institutions, CMMS is an effective management tool to:

Conduct an analysis of your activity

broken down by care service/equipment family. Track work hours and subcontractors, follow up on maintenance reactivity, and make economic assessments. Decision-making will be easier, especially for all matters concerning equipment renewal.

Organize the activity schedule

for the workers, and break it down by month, year, service, or by asset type. The CMMS facilitates communication with the care services thanks to a portal for maintenance requests on equipment.

Control expenses

especially for public hospitals working with tight budgets and have little budget for maintenance.

Reduce costs

by better anticipating breakdowns through the implementation of a preventive maintenance plan to ensure the durability and reliability of equipment and by optimizing the management of spare parts inventory.

A CMMS adapted to healthcare equipment's constraints and management needs.

A CMMS adapted to the constraints and management needs of health equipment -image 1
A CMMS adapted to the constraints and management needs of health equipment -image 1

A user-friendly tool that is easy to learn and use, with an ergonomic interface and rapid deployment, ideal for healthcare institutions

A modern cloud-based software that does not require a computer server and comes with regular automatic updates.

A multi-site solution: ideal for hospital groups with several establishments and groups of retirement homes, the CMMS makes it possible to harmonize the maintenance repository across the entire health group.

cmms adapted to health sector requirements mobile

Interoperable software capable of interfacing with other IS software already in place.

cmms adapted to health sector requirements

A mobile solution that appeals to health care professionals: a mobile technician can access his work orders and the technical documentation on the equipment he has to work on easily and create an immediate report through voice recording.

We have a real-time view into our maintenance activity and accurate ‘health’ record of our assets thanks to their comprehensive maintenance history. Anyone who does not know a piece of equipment can find all the information on its past breakdowns and repairs in the CMMS. This ensures the continuity of service and the sustainability of knowledge.

Christophe Crespo, Technical Director – Centre hospitalier de Thiers-Ambert

CMMS integrated into the information system of health care institutions

A CMMS integrated into the information system of health care institutions

At a time when the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA) is creating a commission to help hospitals and care facilities in their digital transformation, DIMO Maint, with a Smart Hospital approach, offers an innovative answer to the digitalization of the maintenance function based on complete interoperability with existing information systems.

Numerous strategic partnerships with business solutions have made our DIMO Maint CMMS solutions ubiquitous in health care institutions:

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) management solution: Vision by ALGOTECH
  • Geolocation of medical equipment to quickly locate in which department a piece of mobile equipment is located (e.g. stretchers): API TRAK
  • Economic and financial management software: MAGH2 – MAINCARE – C.PAGE – CEGI
  • Supervision software and Centralised Technical Management system (GTC/GTB): Pc Vue

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Among the 200 health care institutions using DIMO Maint CMMS

  • GHT of Saintonge – Saintes, Royan, Jonzac, Saint Jean d’Angely, Boscamnant
  • Loiret GHT – Orléans, Montargis
  • GHT Jura Sud – Lons Le Saunier, Champagnole, Saint Claude, …
  • GHEF Grand hôpital de l’Est Francilien – Marne La Vallée, Meaux, Coulommiers
  • GHT Yvelines Sud – Versailles, Plaisir
  • GHT Dordogne – Périgueux, Montpon-Menestrol
  • GHT of Cantal – Aurillac, Mauriac, Saint Flour
  • CH Thiers
  • CH Vichy
  • CH Guingamp
  • CH Laon
  • CHI Ain – Val de Saône
  • CH Muret
  • CHD Stell – Rueil Malmaison
  • CH La Ciotat
  • CH Givors
  • CHD Vendée – La Roche sur Yon, Luçon, Montaigu
  • CHI Cornouaille – Quimper, Concarneau
  • CESAME  – Angers
  • EPS Barthelemy Durand  – Etampes
  • APF France Handicap (Loire atlantique) 
  • Croix Rouge Française  – Lyon, Créteil
  • CLCC Western Cancer Institute – Nantes, Angers
  • CLCC Centre François Baclesse – Caen
  • Courlancy Group – Reims
  • Health Village Angers Loire – Angers
  • Le Mans Clinic – Le Mans
  • Hôpital Privé de Provence – Aix-en-Provence
  • Cardio-thoracic Center Monaco – Monte Carlo
  • Cap Santé – Montpellier
  • Synergia Clinic – Carpentras
  • EPHAD Public La Montagne
  • EPHAD Les Balcons du Lot
  • EPHAD Le Creusot
  • EPHAD Lecallier Leriche
  • EPHAD Public of Le Havre

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