CMMS solution for hospitality and catering businesses

Your main concern is to provide your customers with a memorable experience. Efficient management of your infrastructure is therefore essential.

CMMS for the hotel and restaurant industry: for an optimal organization of maintenance work

No customer appreciates being denied access to a service because of a breakdown (such as SPA in a hotel), and no one enjoys having lunch in an unheated restaurant in the middle of winter.

Therefore, the quality of your service offer depends on the maintenance of the premises that welcome your clients and their assets: heating, green spaces, electricity, furniture, rooms, swimming pools, spa, kitchens, air conditioning, reception rooms, etc.
Implementing a CMMS solution for the hotel and restaurant industry contributes to ensuring customer comfort owing to the facility with which one can create requests for maintenance works, plan them, and coordinate the personnel while allowing establishments to optimize their costs and responsiveness.

Optimal organisation of maintenance in hotels and restaurants

Reactive maintenance: guaranteeing customer satisfaction

A guest’s only expectation is to have a good stay: any technical issues that may arise are not their concern and should not interfere with their experience. Adopting a maintenance management solution in hospitality facilities has many benefits to ensure service quality and guarantee short response times:

Immediate consideration of customer needs

Immediate consideration of the customer's needs

thanks to alerts in the CMMS, such as « my air conditioning isn’t working »

Rapid response through mobility

Rapid action-taking thanks to mobility:

immediately notify a technician on his smartphone so that he can act quickly and provide a high level of service

Availability guarantee

Availability guarantee:

always have equipment and accessories in stock to quickly resolve breakdowns, which is essential for a satisfactory customer experience

Well-organized maintenance management with an adapted tool quickly detects needs and carries out maintenance operations efficiently, with a minimal number of operations to avoid disturbing the customers too much, thus guaranteeing their well-being.

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Preventive maintenance: keeping assets in operational condition and regulatory issues

Using a preventive maintenance module, all the daily tasks related to hotels and restaurants can be managed, such as cleaning. The CMMS can create daily task lists and automatically follow up on them. The daily tasks can also be shared with all the teams in a specific health context or a poor asset condition. The use of maintenance management software improves the productivity of hotel and restaurant maintenance employees, thanks to the quick access to relevant maintenance data, including asset maintenance history, automation of work orders, and the facilitation of maintenance scheduling.

Preventive Maintenance operational conditions and regulatory issues
Preventive Maintenance operational conditions and regulatory issues -image 2

Besides customer satisfaction, hospitality and catering structures must meet specific standards in terms of warranty and safety regarding fire extinguisher control, spa/pool treatment, etc. The CMMS will allow you to track any maintenance work that can be planned, especially those related to quality and safety regulations. A maintenance management tool also allows you to go green and limit the waste of resources. CMMS help you take an intelligent approach to asset management by enabling you, for instance, to control your electricity/water consumption and adequately monitor the maintenance of energy-intensive assets with a high level of efficiency. For example, with additional controls on boilers, some hotels save up to 25% on energy and reduce costs.

Control of maintenance costs

In hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality facilities, cost optimization is one of the core issues in maintenance. A well-organized maintenance management system taking into account both present and future needs can save from 10 to 30% of annual maintenance costs.
A CMMS tool can indeed help you to:

Optimally manage your inventory

to ensure you have the right equipment and accessories to guarantee the comfort of your customers and avoid stocking them in unnecessary quantities

Monitor supplier maintenance operations

(for air conditioning, exteriors, IT, coffee machines, etc.): monitor compliance with the terms of the service providers' contract

Avoiding high-cost repairs

Make decisions about your assets:

should you replace or repair them?

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DIMO Maint's CMMS functionalities adapted to the needs of hoteliers and caterers

The CMMS DIMO Maint adapts to the ground realities of the hotel and restaurant sector thanks to the following functionalities:

DIMO Maint's CMMS functionalities adapted to the needs of hotels and restaurants

Maintenance work requests can be enriched with pictures, voice dictation, and QR code to identify the place or the malfunctioning asset

Scheduling, with the assignment of work to technicians and subcontractors, and the monitoring of the premises’ availability

Management of maintenance tasks in the mobile application, with reporting enabled where and when you want, including in places with poor network coverage (parking, basement …)

Receive notifications about maintenance tasks directly on your smartphone application

Ensure you have all the necessary consumables in your stock while avoiding surplus

Fast and error-free inventory management with the app and QR codes

Implementation of a preventive maintenance program according to the calendar (every month, the 1st Monday of each month…), arbitrary metrics (every m3, km, kW…), and operational conditions (temperature range to be maintained in a cold room…)


Access to monitoring elements for reporting & dashboarding: immediate access to state of the art decision support (whether to repair or replace an asset, for example) and failure analysis (diagnostics)

cmms app adapted to the needs of hoteliers

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