CMMS solution for international deployment

Deploy your CMMS internationally with an adapted solution and methodology.

Go for a CMMS adapted to an international context

When deploying a single CMMS across an organization’s international sites, the project’s success undoubtedly depends on choosing the right technological solution. Human relations, communication, and the cultural dimension also play an important role. It is indispensable to understand the ground reality (industrial sites with three shift teams, offshore sites, etc.) to ensure the involvement, training, and support of all the people affected by the CMMS solution.

To simplify and homogenize the management for a project of this scale, which can be very complex, a group CMMS capable of managing multiple sites or even numerous companies is essential. Moreover, the appropriate solution should be:

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Opt for a CMMS adapted to an international context






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In a multi-country context, you will have issues common to multi-site organizations such as data harmonization or consolidation of indicators.

A CMMS to facilitate international multi-site maintenance management

Deploying a single CMMS on several sites located in different countries with different practices, different software, different languages, different time zones, and different currencies can be a difficult obstacle course. Instead of losing your mind over everyone’s needs or the training of end-users to handle the solution, you will appreciate the support of an expert partner for a serene deployment.

Quickly benefit from the advantages of a CMMS on an international scale:

Harmonize repositories and processes from each site

Facilitate the feedback of information from the field

Facilitate management by sharing activity indicators for each entity


Reduce operating costs with a cloud solution


More than 1500 projects conducted internationally

Everything you need to manage your maintenance more effectively

DIMO Maint makes it easy for non-IT users to get started so that they can focus their attention on their core business: maintenance.

Simplify your maintenance with software designed for you!



Benefit from a simple and easy to use solution



Rapid on-site or remote deployment



DIMO Maint adapts to the needs of organizations in the context of international deployment

A functional scope adapted to your business needs

Whether on-premise or 100% Cloud, DIMO Maint CMMS is designed for you, economical, easy to use, and quick to deploy:

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cmms features dimo maint mobile

Choose the right CMMS software for an international deployment

Flexible and economical, DIMO Maint MX is the ideal solution for multi-site organizations that wish to deploy a single CMMS quickly for all their entities worldwide.

It allows them to consolidate their data and harmonize the good practices.

International deployment is always facilitated by adapting its ergonomics to local environments (multiple time zones, multiple currencies, etc.), and its availability in 18 languages with the ability to quickly add new languages is useful to your project.

Choose the CMMS software adapted to an international deployment

Take advantage of a very intuitive online CMMS solution to help you improve the management of your maintenance activity.

With DIMO Maint MX, streamline your processes, from the management of maintenance to the management of stock to analyses of your activity via key indicators. Easy to deploy and simple to use, you soon feel serene enough to extend the scale of your project to the international market.

Request a personalized demo

Learn everything about the DIMO Maint CMMS and join a personalized presentation, either remotely or on your site.

Other criteria may influence your CMMS selection, such as technology, the sector in which you operate, etc.

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