CMMS solution for industrial maintenance

Ensuring the proper functioning of your production assets is essential to remain competitive. How can our CMMS help you?

Why choose industrial maintenance software

In the industrial field, CMMS ensures maintenance management over all your production line’s active assets and monitors the maintenance of buildings and networks. The specificities of your industrial site are taken into account by our solutions, which are designed for optimal and intuitive asset management and constant improvements of your industrial performance.

CMMS in industry - Why choose an industrial maintenance software?
Meet international regulatory standards

Meeting international regulatory standards

The DIMO Maint CMMS is designed to meet industrial maintenance information and quality requirements under European and international regulations. Firms are often legally responsible for the sanitary safety of the foodstuffs and other products they produce, store, sell, and transport.

Therefore, compliance with standards is crucial in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries (ISO 22 000, HACCP, FDA, 21 CFR Part 11, …) to guarantee hygiene, product quality, conformity, and process safety.

An industrial CMMS software helps structure and formalize good practices by promoting good practices and instructions for optimal maintenance operations in terms of efficiency and safety. The CMMS is an essential tool during audits to prove the traceability of maintenance operations and stocks and secure the processes, in particular thanks to the use of the electronic signature and login credentials.

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Providing technical traceability and analysis for recurring failures

Our CMMS industry 4.0 allows for a precise follow-up of your entire industrial site. We provide you with solutions that open the door for perfect technical traceability. The analysis of your recurring breakdowns allows you to highlight the weak points of your industrial facilities.

Ensure technical traceability and analysis of recurring breakdowns

Preventing breakdowns

The failure of a single machine can have a major impact. Through a set of key predictive factors, it is possible to anticipate breakdowns that could paralyze all or parts of your production process:

Taking into account real-time equipment data: IoT, SCADA, MES

Making the most out of maintenance history and experience feedback

Analyzing technical indicators, including failure rate, MTTF calculation, fault tree

Avoiding stock-outs, in particular for critical parts

Plan preventive action such as a machine overhaul or changing a part

Controlling direct maintenance costs

Asset failures

Asset failures



Use of resources

Resource usage

Spending habits

Spending habits

Valuing the work of maintenance teams

The production department is the first customer of the maintenance department, and the relationship between the two is often tense, as compliance and productivity issues are both critical and hard sometimes to reconcile.
Adopting a CMMS solution significantly improves communication between the production and maintenance teams. Optimizing maintenance improves risk control and allows problems to be anticipated and maintenance operations to be planned for the most appropriate time.
As a result, you can approach management with greater tranquility.

A CMMS specialized in the machinery fleet also brings to light the work and impact of the maintenance teams in the company, which can further boost their activities.

Valuing the work of the maintenance teams

An industry 4.0 CMMS adapted to the current constraints and management needs of your maintenance teams

A graphic tree structure

A GRAPHIC TREE that allows you to quickly visualize the strengths and weaknesses of your industrial park



Intervention request

Simple and intuitive management of MAINTENANCE REQUESTS, for an optimized follow-up

Spare parts

Parts and stock management

Preventive maintenance

A simplified organization of your PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE


Readable and easily understandable dashboards and analysis tables

Planned maintenance

Methodical monitoring of your assets as part of PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE

Information system

Easy integration with your industrial information system

In addition to the evolution of the mentalities and the valorization of the work made by the maintenance service, the implementation of the DIMO Maint solution made it possible to obtain knowledge about all our asset breakdowns and the history of the parts used in the process, set up a preventive maintenance plan, index all of our suppliers and connect several of them with consumables and parts from our stocks. The return on investment is mainly measured by the reduction of machine stoppages favored by the development of preventive maintenance.

Gérald Pigot  – Deputy Maintenance Manager – LEONIDAS

Using an industrial CMMS solution to improve industrial performance

We offer a set of industry 4.0 CMMS solutions adaptable to all types of industrial processes. They also communicate and interface very easily with any existing information system.

Using an industrial CMMS solution for improved industrial performance

A 100% customizable dashboard

Available in Cloud/SaaS mode for all users 

A mobile application to simplify the management of maintenance work

Your maintenance operations are anticipated, planned and justified

Easy to deploy internationally

After extensive market research to find a suitable vendor, we ultimately chose DIMO Maint MX for its intuitiveness. This solution allows our technicians to entirely focus on their maintenance tasks and lose less time on the administrative aspect

Pierre Van Nueten, engineer at Laurelton Diamonds

DIMO Maint OM is ideal for industries willing to prepare for Industry 4.0 while controlling costs.

  • An accurate response to all your actual needs
  • A simple and scalable project deployment
  • A solution accessible from mobile, tablet or computer
  • An in-depth analysis of your asset breakdowns: symptoms, diagnosis, remedies)
  • The key indicators are scalable to your needs .

DIMO Maint App is a simple and user-friendly application. It efficiently reconciles the essential functionalities of the CMMS with the native functions of these tools (photography, vocal note-taking).

Simplify data entry by technicians in the field

Simplify data entry for technicians on the field

Facilitate the feedback of information from the field to the CMMS

Facilitate the feedback of information from the field to the CMMS

Increase the productivity of your teams

Increase the productivity of your teams

Prepare your transition to Industry 4.0

DIMO Maint offers to enrich the functional scope of your CMMS thanks to the numerous applications present on our CMMS marketplace DIMO Maint MX.

Think differently about your maintenance management by discovering Cloud Manufacturing with Beelse, BIM No Code with Vision By Algo’Tech, Augmented Reality with Ubleam, or Connected Glasses with Norgay.

DIMO Maint regularly adds new tools to precisely answer the maintenance professions’ future needs.

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Among the industries that use our CMMS solutions

  • Adient
  • Comau
  • Eurofit Group
  • Bariatrix Nutrition
  • Limagrain
  • Panzani
  • Volvic
  • Leonidas sweets
  • Cafés Liégeois
  • Addiplast Sa – France
  • Bayer Sas – France
  • Bio Rad – France
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim – France
  • Cyclopharma – France
  • Danisco Dupont – France
  • Famar L’Aigle – France
  • Fareva – France
  • Gattefossé – France
  • Hexcel Composites Sl – Espagne
  • Multibase – Dow Corning – France
  • Msd Animal Health Innovation Sas – France
  • Polymères Sa – Tunisie
  • Pharmaster – France
  • Pierre Fabre Medicament Production – France
  • Sanofi-Aventis – Espagne
  • Synkem – Cordenpharma – France
  • Technature – France
  • Tifert – Tunisian Indian Fertilisers – Tunisia
  • Umicore Zinc Chemicals Sa – Belgium
  • Weleda – France
  • Technika CMA-CGM
  • Figeac Aero
  • Demeca
  • Ortec Meca Logistique
  • Turbomeca Groupe Safran
  • CPM Bearings
  • Novembal – Tetra Pak
  • Parker Hannifin

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