CMMS solution for mining, quarrying and civil engineering industries

The availability and reliability of machinery and equipment are vital for companies in the excavation, quarries, and civil engineering sectors. Equipping yourself with a CMMS is a must nowadays.

Maintenance issues for excavation, quarries, and civil engineering companies

Companies operating in these industries are subject to very specific problems that the maintenance team must take into account.

Sometimes, mines and worksites are very remote, and access to human and material resources is complicated. This characteristic leads to problems with:

  • long response times due to the availability of parts. The supply time is often very long,
  • access to documentation from the field of the maintenance site;
  • personnel safety due to maintenance occurring in the middle of production;
  • legal obligations with the PGI (Periodic General Inspection);
  • substantial financial commitments due to the fixed nature of costs generated by the rental of a piece of equipment;
  • performance: hostile environment can cause a recurrence of breakdowns.
The challenges of maintenance for public works, mining and quarrying companies

Technical issues

Both the mining industry and civil engineering have to operate with highly specialized and costly machinery and equipment.

As soon as a piece of machinery breaks down, you find yourself stuck and paralyzed with your work. The only way out is to repair the machine.

The environment can be particularly hostile, in which case parts and machines wear out much more quickly. As a result, they need very regular maintenance and a preventive maintenance plan.

Keeping the quarry and mining equipment fleet in good working order is essential for the continuation of the activity.

A major challenge for the maintenance team is obtaining spare parts.

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Financial issues

The financial issues impact mostly civil engineering firms, but companies in the extraction sector may also be affected.

In civil engineering, profitability is key as projects are often carried out following calls for tender. Contractors are chosen on their portfolio, which also includes financial elements. Indeed, the costs must be in perfect adequacy with the conditions defined at the time of the signature of the contract.

In case of non-compliance with deadlines, financial penalties per day of late delivery occur.

Consequently, civil engineering companies must constantly ensure the profitability of their projects.

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Regulatory issues

Regulatory issues

Since 2004, handling machines and equipment have been subject to a mandatory periodic inspection. The Periodic General Inspection (or PGI), carried out every 6 to 12 months, verifies assets’ conformity and anticipates any risk for the user. An inspection report details the operation of the equipment, the anomalies identified, and the potential causes for failure.

The maintenance team plays an essential role in keeping these machines in good working order. A preventive maintenance plan must be put in place to avoid problems. Checks are carried out on :

  • tires;
  • oil with oil changes ;
  • changing the various filters (for oil, fuel, air, etc.);
  • mechanical and engine overhaul

CMMS adapted to the needs of excavation, quarries, and civil engineering companies

Among the series of CMMS solutions for Civil Engineering, DIMO Maint is specifically designed to meet the needs of quarries and civil engineering companies for the maintenance management of their machinery (excavators, cranes, loaders, backhoes, aerial work platforms, mixers, compactors, forklifts, graders, bulldozers, etc.), mining equipment (mound and backhoe excavators, 50-ton dumpers, drilling machines), commercial vehicle fleets (trucks, vans, jeeps, and airplanes for access to remote sites, and other equipment.), mining equipment (mound and backhoe excavators, 50-ton dumpers, drilling machines), and fleets of utility vehicles (trucks, vans, jeeps and airplanes for access to remote sites).

CMMS adapted to the needs of public works companies, mines and quarries

Main features of CMMS for excavation, quarries, and civil engineering

CMMS remains an essential tool to facilitate your daily work, both for managers and technicians, to ensure the proper functioning of your infrastructure and your quarry and mining equipment.

Improve the maintenance of your construction machinery and equipment

The DIMO Maint CMMS allows you to rationalize and simplify operations intended for the maintenance of your assets.

Nothing could be easier with our CMMS solution. CMMS provides a single platform to manage your maintenance, from managing work orders to accessing and downloading maintenance data.

Repairs and maintenance work carried out by your internal teams or external contributors are traced and documented from start to finish.

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Increase asset life

One of your main missions is to ensure your assets’ availability, reliability, and durability.
Through a rigorous preventive program, our CMMS solution will help you increase the life span of your equipment by up to 50%.

The CMMS allows you to automatically activate preventive maintenance actions, significantly reducing asset failure and downtime.

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Safety policy: a top priority

Your sector of activity is particularly subjected to dangers and risks, and the DIMO Maint teams take them into account to better help you in their prevention and management.

Our CMMS is designed to make it easy for you to prove your machines’ compliance with strict safety regulations during audits or controls by the EU-OSHA or other organizations. Thanks to our CMMS, you will be able to provide these certifying bodies with all the supporting documents they need.

Simplify the work of technicians and ensure business continuity

The choice of a CMMS for professionals in your sector is driven by the need for a solution that remains functional and efficient at all times and in all places.

We have developed a mobile solution that allows your service technicians to work offline. Wi-Fi or mobile network access is no longer necessary to access technical documentation and operating procedures to safely repair an asset.

Our mobile CMMS solution DIMO Maint App ensures the continuity of your activity and thus helps you keep your deadlines. .

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Improve inventory management of spare parts

Spare parts inventory management can be tricky and costly.

Some spare parts can take several months to obtain.
Thanks to our CMMS, you can now:

Anticipating disruptions

anticipate spare parts stock-outs

know your consumption

know your consumption, your turnover rate

manage your suppliers

better manage your suppliers

anticipate deadlines

anticipate deadlines

identify the parts

identify equivalent parts that can be used for temporary repairs

diversified suppliers

diversify your suppliers for identical parts


The DIMO Maint CMMS is ideal
to manage and optimize the planning of your maintenance team:

anticipate deadlines


the technicians' maintenance operations

anticipate deadlines


of machines by site

Choose the right CMMS for your needs

DIMO Maint has developed a series of CMMS that will perfectly meet your expectations:

  • DIMO Maint MX is probably the most suitable CMMS solution if you have to manage several sites or projects across longer periods.
    If your mines and building sites are located in different geographical areas, MX allows you to assign equipment from one country to another. Moreover, the solution is multi-language, multi-context, and multi-organization.
    For example, in the case of a project lasting 3 to 4 years, you will be able to rent a license for the whole duration.
  • DIMO Maint OM will be perfect for you if you are far from other infrastructure and are looking for a local CMMS solution.
Choose the CMMS adapted to your needs
A CMMS integrated into the SI

A CMMS integrated with the reference IS for civil engineering, mining, and quarries

DIMO Maint offers an easy-to-use CMMS solution. At the dawn of an era where time becomes more and more precious, we have developed a maintenance management system that easily connects to your existing information system:

  • Purchasing software
  • Accounting or ERP software
  • IoT: meter readings, operational hours
  • Gear planning solution (Visual Planning)

Find out more about our CMMS for mines, quarries, and civil engineering companies

Among our CMMS references in mines, quarries, and civil engineering

  • AUDEMARD Carrières
  • Lafarge Holcim
  • BOUCHAMAOUI Industries

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