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Digital continuity of operating and maintenance data.
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A SaaS platform for No Code web and mobile applications to meet your needs for digital transformation and context-specific customization, whether in industry or construction. The driving force is Vision Studio, a 100% no-code, full-web development tool that lets you design and build any type of enterprise application needed to manage your data, documents and day-to-day processes.

Take advantage now of the use cases already tried and tested by DIMO Maint users, who have optimized their work by connecting their CMMS to a customization tool that’s quick to deploy and reliable in its use.

Use cases (customizable through workshops) :

1- Regulatory compliance
Database interface with inspection bodies
Automatic retrieval of reserves and reports (via API or import)
Automatic creation of BTs in Dimo Maint MX via API (via import into Dimo Maint OM)
2- BIM Asset Manager
Reconciliation of locations and equipment
Continuous updating of locations
Locate equipment on plans or models
Creation of service requests from plans or models in Dimo Maint
3- Qualifying, planning and securing work orders
Pre-qualification of service requests
Addition of special procedures (QHSE)
Fine-tuned team planning, aggregation of external schedules (suppliers, attendance)
4- Customized operating procedures
Identity booklet, Health booklet
Consignment, Release,
Rounds, Observation time
Records, metrology

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