Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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Creative IT publishes the software MES Qubes. In 20 years, Qubes has become benchmark software in industry: today, it enables more than 500 plants to improve their industrial performance and track their products and processes rigorously, it is used in several engineering schools to illustrate the production management tools and represents French software know-how within the connected plant at the Global Industrie trade fair.

By adding connection to production machines and robots or even IoT to the CMMS solution Dimo Maint, the Qubes software solution enables real-time management of industrial performance.

Among the MES features, the implementation of an OEE solution provides greater efficiency with an integrated CMMS module:

  • Better identification of the recurrent causes of shutdown before a critical failure,
  • Anticipation of problems and failures
  • Help putting in place predictive maintenance by having a database of the causes of shutdowns,
  • Better qualification of preventive or curative maintenance operations,
  • Financial savings on maintenance (easier and faster identification of costly machines without waiting for the end-of-month or end-of-year reports)

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