Retail CAFM solution for the maintenance of your retail outlets

Effective maintenance management in a chain of retail outlets is essential to optimize the customer experience and boost sales.

Maintening your store: a key factor in performance

In the retail industry, a well-thought-out maintenance strategy is critical to the smooth operation and brand image of your establishment. It directly affects your performance and revenue growth.

Enhance Your Customer Experience in Stores

The customer experience in retail is directly affected by the quality of maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures comfort (through heating and cooling systems for instance) and safety for customers, with equipment and facilities always in good condition. Merchandising is also critical; good lighting and functional display fixtures make products stand out, positively influencing purchase decisions. A safe and enjoyable customer experience strengthens brand loyalty and encourages repeat visits.

Improve Your Stores' Operational Efficiency

A preventive maintenance strategy helps minimize unexpected downtime, ensuring continuous operations. This includes the smooth functioning of the POS (cash registers, inventory management systems, ect) and other critical infrastructure. Moreover, keeping equipment in good condition maximizes its lifespan and optimizes resource use, allowing for better budget allocation and avoiding unnecessary investments.

Comply with Safety Standards and Regulatory Requirements

This involves implementing strict protocols for fire safety, electrical installations, and other critical aspects that affect both customers and staff. Rigorous maintenance ensures that stores comply with current laws and regulations, thus avoiding accidents, fines, and potential litigation. It also creates a safer and more pleasant work environment for employees.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

A clean, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing store attracts and retains customers, reflecting positively on the brand. A focus on maintenance demonstrates a commitment to quality and reliability, both values being very important to consumers. By maintaining high standards all across the board, a brand can enhance its reputation and market positioning.

Act on Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Efficient energy management through regular maintenance of HVAC systems and lighting reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint. Moreover, preventive equipment maintenance extends its lifespan, reduces waste, and promotes a circular economy. Retailers that adopt sustainable maintenance practices bolster their eco-friendly brand image and meet the growing consumer expectations for environmental commitment.

Reduce Your Operational Costs and Increase Profitability

By avoiding costly breakdowns and extending equipment lifespan, operational costs are reduced. Preventive maintenance also allows for better budget predictability, avoiding unexpected expenses that can disrupt financial management. Thus, a proactive approach to maintenance is not just a matter of operational efficiency but also a smart financial strategy, contributing to long-term profitability

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CAFM Tailored for Maintaining Your Retail Outlets

DIMO Maint FM is particularly well-suited to the day-to-day challenges faced by retail operators, thanks to the following features:

DIMO Maint serves as a web portal providing access to all business processes from managing work requests to purchase requests.


Our CAFM allows you to control all your equipment and installations, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems among others.

DIMO Maint FM directly displays essential data on your dashboard. You are alerted to potential breakdowns and intervention requests can be automatically triggered.

Highly valued by technicians, the mobile CAFM offers flexibility and responsiveness for on-site interventions. It allows offline work and provides quick access to all your documentation.

DIMO Maint offers a unique repository listing your retail outlets, equipment, and service providers. You get a comprehensive view of your assets.

You have access to numerous KPIs that you can easily analyze and customize (quality, availability, and responsiveness indicators). This enables you to make informed decisions and enhance the performance of your retail stores.

The Retail CAFM meets a crucial need for tracking maintenance contracts with various service providers responsible for the upkeep and repairs of your stores and their equipment.

Provide each of your service providers with a customized web portal to be notified in real-time of intervention requests, to offer transparency on progress, and have reporting tools available.

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