The SaaS/Cloud CMMS solution: DIMO Maint MX

DIMO Maint MX simplifies the daily life of technical teams and reinvents maintenance management in the cloud.

Simplify your asset maintenance management

Simplified maintenance management of your assets

Choosing DIMO Maint MX means opting for an integrated and scalable expert software in its Express, Standard, and Comprehensive versions, which covers all the maintenance processes of your equipment and infrastructures.

DIMO Maint MX, a simple and intuitive CMMS

DIMO Maint MX is intuitive even for non-tech-savvy users so that they can focus on their core business: maintenance.

DIMO Maint MX, the simple and intuitive CMMS

Simplify your maintenance with software designed for you!

A CMMS accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world

DIMO Maint MX removes typical maintenance constraints. Choosing our CMMS tool is to opt for a solution developed with the latest web technologies and available in Cloud/SaaS mode to consider its many users’ professional mobility. The DIMO Maint MX online CMMS solution allows you to make full use of the Cloud:

no installation

No installation required & accessible from a simple internet connection


Consumption on demand as rent

offline access

Access from your mobile devices and in offline mode

continuous evolution

Permanent evolution with regular automatic updates

secured data

Secure data and respect for the protection of personal data


Interoperability with your existing information system

DIMO Maint MX: make the choice of a new generation CMMS

100 percent online

100% online





multiple time zones

Multi-time zone

multi devises


multi-platform IOS and Android

Multi-platform: PC, tablet, and smartphone APP for Ios and Android

Organize your maintenance activity more efficiently

Whether you’re behind a desk or on the field, get the essential functionality you need to manage, organize and track your maintenance operations.

Enjoy a fully customizable dashboard. Depending on your profile, consult your schedule, alerts, favorites, your own indicators, and create your simplified work requests directly from the home page. Tabs make navigation easy.

Organise your maintenance activity more easily
Simplify the work of your technicians and improve their productivity

Simplify your technicians' work and improve their productivity

You give your technicians quick access to the information they need to be efficient, work independently and close work orders efficiently, including their schedule on the home page, their work orders, alerts, and automatic report entry.

Technicians know what they need to do, don’t waste time locating the asset, and have access to all asset data.

Anticipate and make interventions more reliable

DIMO Maint MX helps you set up and plan preventive maintenance actions. The software automatically generates work orders and sends notifications following your preventive program. You can save time and efficiency by configuring the maximum number of tasks, such as sending emails on predefined actions.
You can set up maintenance task lists and manage resources directly.
You can easily find out what has been done and who is responsible.

Anticipate and make interventions more reliable

Learn in 20 minutes all there is about DIMO Maint MX, our new generation
CMMS solution and its mobile application Android and IOS

Simplify interventions with the DIMO Maint App mobile app

Deployable from your tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android), the mobile extension of the CMMS DIMO Maint MX, DIMO Maint App helps you:

Simplify your maintenance organization

Assist your technicians on the field

Improve your operational efficiency

Make field data feedback more reliable

Why choose DIMO Maint MX and its mobile application?

A 2 minutes-long answer in this testimonial video

Make the right decisions with DIMO Maint MX Analytics

Make the right decisions with DIMO Maint MX Analytics

By choosing DIMO Maint MX, you will be able to consult in graphic mode or list mode, the main maintenance indicators classified by large family types. Our CMMS offers you a powerful and exhaustive solution. The possibilities tied to reporting are almost infinite!

You can completely customize your dashboard according to your activity. Data is updated in real-time and can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet.

To go further, consider using an actual business intelligence tool DIMO Maint Analytics, for the multidimensional and dynamic analysis of data from your maintenance activity.

Access the DIMO Maint Store

The DIMO Maint MX Store supports the digital transformation for your maintenance activity.

The applications or connectors offered in the DIMO Maint marketplace can be activated on demand and are designed to:


increase the functional scope of your CMMS DIMO Maint MX


integrate your CMMS with your existing information system


provide you with new professional experiences

4.0 technologies

accompany you towards the new 4.0 technologies directly impacting maintenance


Thanks to the DIMO Maint Store and our proximity support, your CMMS project can evolve at the rhythm of your growth and needs. You can also speed up innovations in your firm and stakeholders’ adhesion to tend towards efficient maintenance.

Contact your reseller partner or DIMO Maint account manager to request a demonstration or get more information.

More than 4,000 customers trust DIMO Maint

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