CMMS solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Get the features you need to manage your maintenance easily, wherever you are. Set up an efficient preventive maintenance plan and make maintenance management easy!

A CMMS designed to help manage maintenance for small and medium-sized organizations

Historically, only the largest industrial companies had maintenance software. Today, even small and medium-sized organizations can digitalize the management of their maintenance activity with CMMS solutions that are more accessible, economical, and intuitive than ever.

However, some preconceived ideas about CMMS software persist, and in some small organizations, CMMS are still believed to be:

CMMS designed to help manage the maintenance of small and medium organizations
Too expensive
Designed only for large companies
Too complex
Impossible to deploy without a consultant
Difficult to integrate with the existing information system
Requiring a dedicated and available IT team to manage it

The 6 Signs it's time to digitalize your maintenance management

6 advantages that directly benefit small and medium-sized organizations

Implementing maintenance management software in small or medium-sized companies allows for significant savings, both in financial and human terms. Such organizations require significant operational reactivity and great speed in decision-making. They obviously have fewer resources than large organizations and must therefore make the right choice from the outset by equipping themselves with reliable, intuitive management tools that bring them real added value.

6 Immediate benefits for small enterprises:

spreadsheet management

Une gestion plus fiable sans papier et sans tableur

available equipment

Une meilleure disponibilité des équipements et infrastructures

increase life

Une augmentation de la durée de vie des actifs


Une communication améliorée entre les services


Plus d’efficacité opérationnelle des équipes


Une réduction des coûts de maintenance

The results are evident: I can know in real-time everything a technician needs and efficiently manage the stock in our store. In the end, the maintenance follow-up work is facilitated, and I have precise maintenance reports. I can fully dedicate myself to work itself rather than the office!

Marc Denjean, Maintenance Manager – Groupe DMD (Domaines Montariol et Degroote)

Everything you need to manage your maintenance more effectively

DIMO Maint makes it easy for non-IT users to get started so that they can focus their attention back on their core business: maintenance.

Simplify your maintenance with our software designed for you!



Benefit from a simple and easy to use solution



Quick installation and set-up; on-site or remotely



DIMO Maint adapts to the needs of small and medium-sized companies

Choose the right CMMS software for your site's maintenance management

Organize and facilitate the work of your maintenance department by automating your processes and digitalizing the management of your activity. Choosing a DIMO Maint CMMS solution, online or on-premise, ensures assets availability and reliability, increases operational efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs.


Take advantage of a very intuitive online CMMS solution to help you improve the management of your maintenance activity. With DIMO Maint MX, streamline your processes, from the management of maintenance to the management of stock to analyses of your activity via key indicators. Easy to deploy and simple to use, you will soon feel confident enough to extend the scale of your project internationally.


Take advantage of a user-friendly on-premise CMMS solution to organise and manage your maintenance activity efficiently. With DIMO Maint OM, you have an actual management solution for managing your assets, work orders, purchases, stock but also budgets and projects. You can start with a simple functions and evolve at your own pace and without additional costs.

Functions adapted to your business needs

Small and medium-sized organizations are often looking for a simple business solution with a quick return on investment when making their first acquisition.

Start your single-site CMMS project with suitable and adapted functionalities:

Complete visibility over your assets and their maintenance history.

Reliable and efficient management of corrective, preventive, conditional and regulatory maintenance.


Easily assign work orders to your internal or external maintenance operators.

Helps you manage and build your spare parts inventory.

Free yourself from time and budget constraints and facilitate the management of your maintenance by opting for a fast and economical “Quick Start” deployment mode adapted for each of our solutions:

Request a personalized demo

Go further in discovering the DIMO Maint CMMS and participate in a personalized presentation remotely or on your site.

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