Deploy your CMMS remotely: the case of the DMD group.

To optimize its stock management and preventive maintenance, DMD has remotely deployed DIMO Maint MX, thanks to the Quick Start offer.

DMD CMMS quickstart

The DMD (Domaines Montariol Degroote) group has 4 vineyards (Lalande, Galetis, Laurens and Tarbouriech) as well as a bottling business. The activity is split between Pennautier and the Raissac bottling plant in the Aude, with the parent company located in the Hérault. Export — in particular to Russia, Europe and the United States — accounts for nearly a quarter of the business, for this entity of around fifty people (€12M in turnover). Keen to optimise its stock management and preventive maintenance among other things, DMD is the first client to have experimented with DIMO Maint MX’s new, completely remote deployment mode: ‘Quick Start’.

A very broad scope of intervention for the Maintenance department

The bottling plant has around fifteen members of staff. The operational scope of Marc Denjean from the Maintenance department covers all the bottling, winemaking equipment, as well as the vehicle fleet and buildings. Part of the maintenance is outsourced, in particular the cooling specialisms, electricity and plumbing.

Multiple challenges: service continuity, standards and traceability

Mr Denjean used to work with Excel, which had many disadvantages. ‘When the file was too large, it took time to load and the system often crashed. Implementing a preventive maintenance plan was therefore problematic,’ he acknowledges.
The primary goal of maintenance is of course service continuity. He therefore needed monitoring indicators for breakdowns and production downtimes. In addition, the group is pending certification for the British standard IFS BRC — one of the most advanced bottling certifications — which requires detailed traceability of maintenance operations, products and time recordings, not to mention stock management and all types of work.

With DIMO Maint MX, the group chose simplicity and mobility

DMD equipments CMMS DMD approached DIMO Maint MX to respond to its traceability and equipment and stock monitoring needs for thirty assets, including pumps and vehicles. The remote ‘Quick Start’ formula was inspired by the lockdown. ‘DIMO Maint MX offers a very practical intuitive mobile application. Also, the external server hosting frees us from an additional IT constraint,’ explains Mr Denjean.

Smooth implementation

The needs had already been identified through a very comprehensive questionnaire and a schedule had been drafted over a period of around a month. Despite the Covid-19 context, the schedule was followed. The practical exercises, videos and materials enabled Mr Denjean, who alternated between working remotely and in person, to gain a quick understanding. He was partially on site to implement the practical aspects of training on the MX tool.
The machine data in Excel was copied, which required editing the source document to import most of its content. He was given help with configuration. He was able to use the tool completely independently. Having used CMMS in the past, he did not get confused and came to grasp it quickly.

The advantages of ‘Quick Start’?: an economical budget and quick understanding

The advantage of this remote set-up offer is of course financial. Then, its user-friendliness is appreciable and Dimo support was very responsive and available. It’s appreciable when one does not have a full day to dedicate to training. We were able to spread and split the sessions to avoid disrupting the working day,” says Mr Denjean.

Everyday benefits

The results are clear: mobility enables him to find out everything he must have to hand in real time, and to manage the stock in the warehouse efficiently, as a second one is being built. In the end, monitoring is made easier and Mr Denjean has accurate work reports. “I can fully dedicate myself to the work itself, instead of paperwork,” he concludes.

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