DIMO Maint CMMS meets Waga Energy’s challenges

Waga Energy explained the challenges it faced and how the DIMO Maint MX solution met its high productivity expectations.

Rapid growth and major maintenance monitoring challenges

Founded in 2015, Waga Energy this company that produces biomethane on landfill sites throughout France has grown rapidly. With 13 production units in France and 15 under construction worldwide in 2022, the company has an uninterrupted pace of production and significant maintenance requirements.

Working with both remote maintenance managers and on-site technicians, Waga Energy has had to move away from Excel management, which is technically too limited, to monitor the 400 or so assets operated by each plant. The ultimate goal is 95% availability of these assets and improved visibility over the work.

Take up the challenge of your maintenance department’s digital transformation with a CMMS!

Waga Energy’s expectations in terms of the CMMS

Operations are crucial for Waga Energy: in addition to the work of the production staff who run the units, the maintenance department plays a daily role in ensuring business continuity.

With a growing number of on-site technicians, the need to structure information quickly became apparent. Choosing a CMMS solution to better coordinate human and material resources became a necessity.

A CMMS makes it possible to meet the major challenges of maintenance, with:

  • centralisation of all equipment and maintenance data
  • traceability of work and its types
  • spare part consumption tracking
  • control over the material and human costs generated by maintenance in all its forms

For Waga Energy, as for many other industrial companies, the features and indicators provided by the CMMS represent a significant gain in visibility. By taking a step back from its maintenance, Waga Energy wanted to ensure a consistently high quality of service.


DIMO Maint’s response to Waga Energy’s needs

Waga Energy chose the DIMO Maint MX CMMS solution for its ability to respond to the main issues mentioned above, as well as for its specific features such as:

Data partitioning by plant (named WAGABOXes® )

These autonomous units, with their varied needs and resources, require maintenance management that is tailored to each site.

International management

As many Waga Energy sites are located outside France and managed by local managers, multilingual maintenance management was essential.

International deployment


Comprehensive analysis and indicators

With DIMO Maint MX, Waga Energy also wanted to gain visibility over:

  • The management of maintenance jobs, to improve knowledge and understanding of the types work on each site
  • Monitoring of parts consumption and costs for each unit
  • The proportion of preventive and corrective maintenance, to anticipate future needs

The result is maintenance tailored to each site and the ability to maintain the desired availability of 95% under all circumstances.

Deployment of the DIMO Maint solution and its impact on maintenance

In order to facilitate deployment across all the desired sites, the DIMO Maint MX solution was finely tuned for one unit, then duplicated on all the other Waga Energy sites. This scalable operation was adapted to the company’s strong growth, increasing from 7 units in 2020 to 13 in 2022.

The CMMS has produced concrete results in three areas:




· A single repository: decision-making bodies, maintenance managers and technicians all have access to the same reliable, up-to-date information

· Monitoring and analysis of maintenance: classifying work by job and understanding the recurrence of breakdowns enables better preparation

· A clear vision of work to anticipate and reduce the number of emergency interventions

· Better planned work and limited production downtime

· Better control of parts purchasing and well-prepared cost planning

· Greater resilience in times of crisis

Intuitive operation and highly compatible exchange features

Like any company moving towards Factory 4.0, Waga Energy can rely on the features of DIMO Maint MX to optimise its maintenance. APIs and web services enable simple exchanges with most of the equipment on the market, and a large proportion of notifications and data entry can be automated.

Finally, thanks to customisable dashboards that enable each maintenance manager to monitor their site individually, maintenance quality can be standardised across a group, even an international group, without losing any of the finesse of local management.


Towards 4 0 maintenance

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