Digitize your maintenance management

Digitalization of maintenance is becoming one of the innovative means of organizations to tackle financial, technical, and human issues that are central to their strategy.

With CMMS, your company’s maintenance department is about to undergo a complete revolution and change deeply ingrained habits. As the IT project manager, your role is essential in this transition.

Digitize the maintenance function
The challenges of digitizing maintenance processes

Challenges in the digitalization of maintenance processes

In line with other functions in your organization, such as production and quality, the digitalization of the maintenance function answers the growing need of companies for safety, productivity, availability and reliability of assets, and profitability. It also promotes better information flow and decompartmentalization of services while facilitating team mobility.

Many factors contribute to the success of a digital transformation project and raise the likelihood of your teams adopting the CMMS, which is essential to the automation of maintenance processes:

data security maintenance

Maintenance data security



Remote access and mobility

Remote access and mobility

CMMS interoperability

Interoperability of the CMMS

How to successfully digitalize the maintenance function?

The success of the maintenance function digitalization depends on how well the transition was prepared. As a project manager or IT manager, you play a central role in this digitalization project.

You will have to collaborate closely with the maintenance team members to understand and frame your organization’s needs with respect to the functional reality of the CMMS solutions studied.

Will you be able to organize the implementation of the project and see it through to completion? Will you have the time to do it? Should you just delegate this task? Do you have sufficient human resources to fill in the database and operate the tool? How to deploy the CMMS within the organization? How to make it work?

These questions are not trivial and deserve careful consideration on your part.

Make an informed decision before embarking on your maintenance digitalization project.

How to successfully digitize the maintenance function?

Integrating the CMMS with the information system

As the unique maintenance data repository, CMMS are set to become an integral part of any organization’s information system (IS).

Therefore, it is crucial to study the implementation of a CMMS solution in the information system in its globality. After all, the maintenance department interacts with other departments in the company, such as the quality, purchasing, production, accounting/management/ finance/ management control, human resources, and the list can extend to all the company’s employees who may issue work requests.

Interconnection between the CMMS and the IS has many advantages:

Productivity gain

Productivity gains

Improved communication

Improved communication

Financial gain

Financial gains

improved team responsiveness

Improvement of the reactivity of the teams

Maintenance 4.0 for performance

Digital technology is at the heart of the current transformation of the maintenance landscape. New technologies are deployed at all company levels to enable maintenance to understand sticking points better, move towards preventive maintenance, and then use it as a springboard to predictive maintenance.

But beware: to make this leap to Maintenance 4.0, you will have to ensure the interoperability of the different systems, the digital continuity of data, and the preservation of the information system.
Among the major technologies that have a significant impact on the maintenance profession, the following stand out:

IoT and predictive analytics

IoT and Predictive Analysis

To predict the risk of asset failure.

robotics and cobotics

Robotics and cobotics

To help perform tedious tasks that provide little added value.

digital partner

Digital twin

To prepare and improve your maintenance work.

cloud manufacturing

cloud manufacturing

To produce on-demand parts for the proper functioning of your assets.

augmented reality

Augmented reality

To help and protect technicians during maintenance works.

digital tablets and smartphones

Digital tablets / Smartphone

To enjoy permanent access to the CMMS and relevant data.

The deployment of Maintenance 4.0 would be impossible without a specialized technical team and its members’ network and digital proficiencies.

A CMMS that is easy to integrate with your IS

You need a high-performance information system that takes into account the company’s processes and benchmarks. Very early on, we sought to forge connections with major players in the IT world, to meet your needs for digital continuity and system interoperability.

Today, we have connectors with SAGE X3, MICROSOFT Dynamics Business Central, and CEGID ERP Flex. Our capabilities for interconnection are not limited to these examples, and we can accommodate far more, including ERP, accounting software, BIM, MES, HR software, etc.

We have designed our CMMS as a tool to improve the overall operation of your company. Therefore, we prioritized ease of use for our solution and designed our API (application programming interface) and Web Services accordingly.

By choosing our cloud solution, you will significantly facilitate the CMMS integration with your information system and guarantee your DIMO Maint CMMS is always up to date.

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