CMMS integrated with ERP: the cornerstone of efficient and strategic maintenance

Discover everything about the real interest and tangible benefits of connecting your ERP system to CMMS.

In the manufacturing sector, operational efficiency and profitability are the engines of competitiveness. Consequently, the maintenance of production equipment is not just an operational necessity but a competitive advantage. The integration of a CMMS module (CMMS stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System”) with an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sage X3 or Acumatica allows companies, especially those with a large number of assets, to plan, monitor, and optimize all maintenance processes. Implemented by many of our clients focused on their performance, the DIMO Maint solution was fundamental in the radical transformation of their organizations, being a key element of their efficiency and industrial competitiveness.

Synergy and global vision: the unification of processes

Synergy and global vision: the unification of processes

Having a CMMS module integrated with an existing ERP centralizes the management of maintenance activities, stock, and suppliers.

  • Improvement of process transparency and efficiency
  • Transformation from a traditional maintenance management system to a global and optimized system with its core business
  • Operational coherence aligned with the company’s global strategy.

Improvement in equipment reliability

Improvement in equipment reliabilityThe preventive maintenance and traceability offered by DIMO Maint increase the availability and performance of equipment. Several clients have reported a notable decrease in production downtime and associated costs, highlighting the direct impact of effective maintenance on equipment performance.

Preventive maintenance and traceability provided by DIMO Maint allow companies to:

  • Increase equipment availability and performance
  • Reduce production stoppages and associated costs
  • Extend the lifespan of equipment

Cost optimization: reduction in maintenance expenses

Beyond operational performance, CMMS-ERP integration contributes to the economic efficiency of an organization by:

  • Centralized management of maintenance expenses
  • Reduction of storage and outsourcing costs
  • Optimized use of parts
  • Comprehensive reduction of maintenance costs

An easy solution to adopt and implement

The ergonomics and simplicity of both implementation and use are two of the main advantages of DIMO Maint. Our clients appreciate the speed of implementation of our solution and how easy it is to use; they have not had to choose between efficiency and accessibility.



The integration of DIMO Maint’s CMMS with ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sage X3 not only improves maintenance but transforms asset management. DIMO Maint’s clients note that integrating this CMMS with their ERP resulted in greater operational efficiency, more reliability, and substantial cost savings.



If you are looking for the right CMMS software for your organization with easy integration into your existing IT system, contact us. We have exactly what you need.

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