Global Services dematerialises its maintenance data with DIMO Maint MX connectect to SAGE 100

The connection between DIMO Maint and Sage 100 solutions allows Global Services to dematerialize its maintenance data in the cloud.

Global Services energy

Global Services (65 people) was established in 2009 to meet the most extensive needs of fuel distribution and storage. Its core activity is the maintenance of petroleum assets (piping, industrial electricity, hydrocarbon depots, service stations, lifting, safety, calibration, fire, etc.). The company also offers the sale and installation of various assets, including positive displacement pumps. Located in Abidjan Koumassi (Ivory Coast), it has a network of five branches inside the country.

In addition, Global Services is ISO 9001 V2015 certified, ASACI for the Maintenance and Installation of Fire Extinguishers (Rule R4) and Workplace Conditions Assessment, INTERTEK. Its customers are large international petrochemical groups, already users of CMMS solutions. The company has therefore equipped itself to meet their needs for monthly statistics, as explained by Mathieu Agoa, Administrative Director & QHSE.


CMMS to optimize access to information

“The information had to be traced on paper documents and finding old reports was not an easy thing,” admits Mathieu Agoa. He adds: “We went through the intermediate stage of electronic document management – namely document scans – but which was insufficient, the goal being to dematerialize information by producing less paper media.”

After testing a local solution, Global Services returned to DIMO Maint MX, which was easier to set up and whose functionalities fit perfectly with its needs and the expectations of its customers, within a controlled budget envelope. Label Services, a distributor in the Ivory Coast, helped a lot with the start-up, especially for configuration and training.

A maintenance service focused on after-sales service

The maintenance department is headed by a Technical Director, Katinan Touré, assisted by an Operations & Metrology Manager, Kanigui Coulibaly. This tandem leads a team in which there are three managers (Maintenance, New Works and Rehabilitations, Automation) and a CMMS manager. The latter manages all requests for maintenance jobs and jobs on purchase orders for start of work. All these requests and the resulting job reports are systematically entered in the CMMS.

Seamless deployment with a Sage 100 CMMS connector

The deployment took less than six months global services and dimo maint from start-up. All the teams were involved, including the management, as well as on the DIMO Maint and distributor sides. The solution was customized in the colours of Global Services, which modelled its operation around the features of MX. Currently, the company mainly uses the “Jobs” and “Planning” modules. The functional scope of the CMMS includes 100% maintenance and works jobs and about 20% spare parts management.

The solution is connected to Sage 100 for accounting aspects. “The purchase order allows you to break away from material. Resources are then allocated, including the technicians who will intervene, the vehicles, the fuel needed for the trip, the distances travelled, the workforce and the services performed on site.”


A traceability of jobs crucial with regards to the challenges of standards

“Having a CMMS has a positive impact on standards. It offers guarantees of seriousness as to the traceability of the various actions carried out. It is a commitment to quality towards our customers. From the moment a job is carried out at the customer’s premises, the latter can access the job report”. The impact is also positive in terms of the environment, especially from the point of view of QHSE explains Mathieu Agoa.

Time saving and zero paper, the first contributions of DIMO Maint MX

Global Services-park MX has significantly accelerated data processing. On the other hand, the CMMS has led to the gradual abolition of forms, job sheets and report books for the CMMS manager and technicians. Supervision is now easier for managers. “As such, mobility is very convenient since all technicians are equipped with smartphones. Consequently, they receive their instructions and can close the job reports directly.”

The CMMS has operational impacts on the entire organization. It has made it possible to consolidate Global Services’ relations with certain customers, particularly with regards to the exchange of maintenance and work data

Among the main indicators that Mathieu Agoa follows:

  • job times
  • take-into-account times
  • assets downtime
  • associated costs in order to estimate the profitability of projects as closely as possible.

Future developments

For the moment, the “Field” part is managed with a third-party tool, the field feedback being done from the job reports. Remote maintenance on site to manage the work is one of the projects envisaged. Global Services plans to integrate work schedule management aspects and some new parameters such as alert notifications.


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