A CMMS easy to integrate into your information system

Conceived for leaders of the digital revolution, the DIMO Maint CMMS will save you time and prevent you from taking unnecessary risks!

Choose a CMMS that is easy to deploy and simple to use!

As an IT manager or project leader, you support the digital transformation of your organization’s various functions by automating business processes in harmony with your information system. Consequently, the project’s success truly depends on the interoperability of the solutions. The DIMO Maint CMMS offers seamless integration with your existing IS and allows you to serenely apprehend challenges inherent to the digitalization of the maintenance function.
Choosing our solution also means choosing one of the easiest-to-use CMMS on the market and consequently winning the support of your maintenance teams. Our software is also competitively viable and practical.

Choose a CMMS that is easy to deploy and simple to use

Rely on the integration expertise of DIMO Maint

Save time on the integration of your CMMS with your IS

Save time integrating the CMMS into your information system

Rely on an editor with solid experience and a transparent approach.

Take advantage of a catalogue of official connectors

Take advantage of our catalog of well-known connectors

Assurez la pérennité et la fiabilité de vos interfaces en choisissant un connecteur pré-paramétré déjà éprouvé.

Don't be limited in your evolution with our APIs

No need to limit yourself with our API

If you can't find the connector you need in our catalog, don't panic, we can provide you with the right technical answer.

Opt for rapid deployment

Opt for rapid deployment

Avoid unnecessary complications and consider a progressive integration.
Rely on a business-oriented solution that will simplify the daily life of maintenance teams.

Ask for a personalized demonstration

Learn more about the DIMO Maint CMMS and attend a personalized presentation remotely or on your site

Choosing DIMO Maint means opting for an efficient integration process

DIMO Maint identifies and rigorously selects prominent IS actors (IoT, ERP, MES, IoT, supervision, BIM, Scheduling, HR, …), and formalizes partnerships with them to co-build reliable and practical connectors that improve the performance of your organization.

Our teams have expertise in interfacing with the best-known solutions on the market (Sage, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cegid, etc.). They will assist you in all your interface and connectivity projects.

Installing an interface in the CMMS with DIMO Maint in 4 steps:


On-site analysis

with you and your integrator: understanding and defining your needs.


Feasibility study

should you go for API, connectors, or flat files?


Mapping of the projected flows

get a clear vision of the projected flows


Supply a project deliverable

that may or may not be usable with the DIMO Maint CMMS

A wide range of ready-to-use connectors

DIMO Maint’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) communicates easily and interfaces with all the applications of your information system to improve your daily productivity and increase your operational performance.

A wide choice of ready-to-use connectors
CMMS stock purchase interface

CMMS Interface - Purchasing/Stocks

Homogenize your internal purchasing and stock management processes by interfacing your DIMO Maint CMMS with your company's central purchasing system (CAPM, ERP, accounting software, etc.).

We set up a connector to tie the consumption of parts in the CMMS to the stock of spare parts managed in Dynamics 365 Business Central. It helped us develop a detailed, comprehensive, and financial vision of maintenance with the breakdown of costs by B.U. and by assets. It has also enabled better item coding and spare parts management

José Garcia, Maintenance Manager, Alsys Group

CMMS – IoT / Supervision / M.E.S / G.T.C / G.T.B interface

Retrieve value readings (from meters, measurements, etc.) in real-time with the DIMO Maint CMMS to activate some of your preventive measures.

CMMS – Fixed assets interface

Dedicated to the maintenance of your installations, the DIMO Maint CMMS allows for the accounting and operational managers of the assets to dialogue within a common reference frame covering the financial valuation of the maintenance works (external or internal), the reception and commissioning of the goods, internal movements, transfers, disposal, etc.

CMMS interface – Time management / H.R

Improve the management of your maintenance department employees’ schedules by integrating your current HR data (attendance, absences, authorizations, training, etc.) into the CMMS.

CMMS interface – Repositories

Guarantee the homogeneity of the repositories shared by the entire company (spare parts, suppliers, currencies, etc.) by implementing the necessary connections between the CMMS and the central information system.

Six reasons to choose the DIMO Maint CMMS

CMMS expertise

25 years of expertise at your disposal

Ease of use

Our CMMS software is intuitive, even for non-computer-literate users

Communication with the IS

Our software seamlessly integrates with your information system (including IoT, ERP, Supervision, MES)

Collaborative work

Our CMMS facilitates and accelerates intra and interdepartmental exchanges.


Receive regular updates about the latest features and news from DIMO Maint.

Fast implementation

Our CMMS adapts itself to the scale of your project (multi-site, multi-company, international).

Do you have a project, a question?

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