Digitalization of maintenance processes: what is at stake?

Is your organization about to digitalize its maintenance? Digitalization is a trend that is set to stay, with numerous advantages and a significant impact on the entirety of the company.

Why digitalize the maintenance function

One must not forget that the maintenance function is also subject to profitability requirements.

However, its primary objective is safety for all: maintenance technicians and their managers work daily to prevent safety incidents. Additionally, maintenance aims to keep equipment and infrastructure available as long as possible and reduce the impact of asset failure on overall productivity.

Effective, well-managed maintenance will directly impact the growth of the organization.

Your role as IT manager is to support the digitalization of the maintenance function.

Why digitize the maintenance function

The maintenance department was using paper and Excel grids for its daily management. Given technological advances in the industry, we wanted to modernize our processes by digitalizing the monitoring of our activity and eliminating paper ——including paper maintenance logs for our machines—— to put an end to the lack or loss of data.

Laurent Pruneau, Maintenance Manager, Babolat

Securing maintenance data

Safety and compliance of fundamental maintenance issues

The IT security of your company is of utmost importance. Digital security is a priority at DIMO Maint, and we make sure our solutions are adapted to the dematerialization of your maintenance processes.

Securing maintenance data

We strictly adhere to the “Privacy by design” and “Privacy by default” principles when developing our products as a software company.

Furthermore, we work every day to:

  • Protect customer data
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Protect data integrity
  • Ensure the availability of client applications
  • Protect the fruit of research and development
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Data protection
What security for existing IT equipment

How does our solution protect existing IT environments?

The architecture of DIMO Maint’s solutions allows for both data security and the high availability of virtual machines.

Our data network is fully partitioned and controlled to avoid all types of security breaches and block unwanted interactions (supervision, antivirus, antispam).

A safe hosting provider for our CMMS

Your data is hosted on French territory by an ISO-27001 certified host.
The ISO 27001 standard, which applies to all sectors of activity and organizations of all sizes, meets a set of very strict regulations:

  • an international standard for information security management,
  • a code of practice for information security management,
  • a framework for contractual relations,
  • a framework for third-party certification.
CMMS a secure host

Securing maintenance data

If you choose to test our MX SaaS offer, all your data will be backed up and stored outside the data center.

All backups are encrypted in AES-256 and duplicated on a remote site.

How do you achieve server security for your CMMS?

The two CMMS solutions we offer will entail different levels of security:

  • Our ISO27001-certified partner hosts the Cloud solution. As we are responsible for the security of your CMMS solution, we guarantee maximum security for the servers.
  • The OnPremise solution is hosted on your own servers. Consequently, you are solely responsible for the security of these servers, without which your CMMS cannot function properly. Of course, depending on your organization’s profile and actual needs, we will be glad to help you secure them.

All of our production servers operate under the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) model.

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Streamline and improve business processes

Ensure SI performance

Monitoring IS performance

The performance of the Information System is evaluated according to KPI specific to each company.

In general, KPI revolve around the costs, the strategic resources invested, and the value of the Information System.

DIMO Maint offers solutions that remain coherent with your technological infrastructure and easily integrate with your information system.

Ensuring business continuity

Dimo Maint offers a fallback plan in the event of your facility experiencing a major breakdown or becoming otherwise inaccessible. Called the Business Continuity Plan, it ensures the immediate resumption of your activity on strategic applications.

Your data and applications are installed on high-availability machines stored in 2 autonomous rooms in 2 separate buildings. If one of the two rooms suffers a major failure, this system guarantees the continuity of your CMMS service.

Ensure overall CMMS expenditure

Monitoring connections to your CMMS

The DIMO Maint MX solution manages login credentials. Each user must enter their personal identifiers to connect to the CMMS. This allows for the traceability of each action made on the CMMS.

Each supervisor can manage password renewals as he wishes and set up a validity period, prohibition of the last X passwords, etc.

A strength indicator is visible when the user chooses a password. The system accepts a password if it satisfies three conditions: a minimum number of characters, a minimum level of strength, and sameness between the password field and the password confirmation field.

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Overseeing CMMS spendings

Using an On-Premise CMMS may require additional hosting and server resources. Similarly, human resources invested in optimizing the CMMS management should be added to the overall cost of maintenance.

On the other hand, a Cloud/SaaS CMMS comes with the required space and technologies; you incur no additional costs to manage these resources.

Maintenance of Operational Conditions (MOC) services

Maintenance services in operational conditions

We do everything possible to ensure that your CMMS remains operational and secure. Our teams are constantly working to improve our products and answer your questions.

Updates cycles for the DIMO Maint CMMS

For our DIMO Maint MX SaaS solution, the application is updated every three months.

In practice, you will be informed one week before updates hit the servers. Naturally, we will provide you with comprehensive documentation detailing the new features.

Training environments are updated first on the scheduled date, with production environments trailing 1 to 2 weeks behind.

For security reasons, updates are systematic to guarantee service quality.

What updates for DIMO Maint CMMS
DIMO Maint customer support

DIMO Maint customer support

Our support team members are fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German.

Customer support is available seven days a week for our SaaS customers, 24 hours a day. Response time will depend on the type of contract chosen, and the issue encountered.

Each exchange is recorded in the ticket related to your call.

Throughout the resolution of your problem, transparency will be maintained on our side. We aim to offer an optimized and personalized follow-up to your requests.

The pillars of digital transformation

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right CMMS for your company. As an IT manager, you need to possess a perfect knowledge of your organization’s needs.

The pillars of digital transformation

Cloud-based  CMMS

With Cloud-based CMMS, you are no longer limited by your infrastructures, installations, and servers: a simple web interface is all you need.
In recent years, the trend has been towards a CMMS cloud solution, and rightly so:

Hardware and Software

Cloud-based CMMS are simpler to deploy, with no initial investments in IT infrastructures required. Technical concerns, such as system performance, security, and backup, human resources, and technical means (including servers, networks, firewalls) are all taken care of by Dimo Maint. We do our utmost to ensure the success of the digitalization of your maintenance function.

Implementation and use

You no longer need to install the software on all the machines that might need it: a standard Internet connection is all that’s needed for everyone to access the CMMS. Managing solution users becomes very straightforward: you can grant access to users in just a few minutes or remove it just as quickly if necessary.

The change occurred in 2019, when, for the first time, just over half of our new CMMS customers favored the cloud-based solution. In 2020, the trend was accentuated even more, with the cloud solution representing more than 70% of CMMS acquisitions. More and more specifications we receive rule out from the outset the possibility of a CMMS payable as rent.

Jean-Luc Sanjosé, DIMO Maint sales manager.

How is our CMMS kept up-to-date?

Updates are planned by the service provider. The entire community migrates to the new version of the CMMS simultaneously so that all users use the same version while enjoying optimized security.

Security and backup

Data is stored in highly secure data centers. It is the responsibility of the provider to maintain data highly available and protect customer data.

Mobility, a major challenge for CMMS

Secure use

Activity reports can be filled in real-time (with voice recording and photos as well)


cmms mobility major challenge

Permanent access, even in offline mode

Increased responsiveness and flexibility

Gains in operational efficiency

The challenges of digitizing maintenance processes

Utilisation sécurisée

Rapports d’activité simples à saisir

Gain de temps

Accès permanent

Plus de réactivité et de souplesse 

Gain en efficacité opérationnelle

Interoperability of solutions

The digitalization of the CMMS is often concomitant with the global digitalization of all services. From the point of view of the IT manager, this makes the project all the more complex to manage. You should know by now where this is heading: yes, DIMO Maint’s CMMS can make the job easier.

We know that IT managers highly value interoperability between software. It allows for the decompartmentalization of all services, which is now essential for optimal operation and should, therefore, be taken into account when choosing a cloud or on-premise CMMS:

  • The CMMS-Supervision or CMMS-MES connections allows for-among other things- a fluid and in real-time information flow regarding asset data or breakdown alerts;
  • The CMMS-ERP connection enables optimal management of spare parts stocks and a global view of maintenance costs.
Solution interoperability

Towards Maintenance 4.0

Towards maintenance 4.0

Maintenance 4.0 is considered the future of maintenance. More and more organizations are adopting this trend to reduce downtime and eventually reach the zero downtime utopia.

State-of-the-art technologies are used in this endeavor: intelligent sensors, UV or infrared sensors, augmented reality, drones, etc. The entire range of current technologies is deployed to approach the most efficient and least restrictive maintenance.

Do you have a project, a question?

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