4.0 Maintenance to improve performance

Do you want to move towards more efficient and proactive maintenance? Then maintenance 4.0 is undoubtedly for you.

What is maintenance 4.0?

With machinery and information systems improving, the world of maintenance is evolving!

What do we mean when we talk about maintenance 4.0?

How do we define it? What are the actual implications?

What is Maintenance 4.0

Maintenance 4.0, the result of a changing industrial landscape

Maintenance 400 born in the industry

Digital technology is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. Given advances in dematerialization, connectivity, and interoperability of solutions, the maintenance function is about to experience a new turning point in its history.

In the future, the slightest abnormal variations detected on production assets will trigger a predictive maintenance action. As a result, corrective operations will progressively lose their place under Maintenance 4.0.

The industrial sector is naturally affected by this revolution, but all organizations may benefit from maintenance 4.0, ideally after they had first successfully digitalized their maintenance function.

In the future, a fully digitalized maintenance function will be a must.

Towards increasingly predictive maintenance

Maintenance is changing, and we are only at the beginning of the digitalization revolution, with two new emerging types of maintenance:

  • predictive maintenance
  • improvement maintenance.

Reactive maintenance

When machinery failures dictate the maintenance work

Preventive maintenance

Based on the manufacturer’s operational guidelines

Conditional maintenance

Based on the monitoring of the asset and its components’ condition

Predictive maintenance

Based on the utilization of the asset crossed with the analysis of predictive factors for asset breakdown

The goal is to optimize planning and anticipate maintenance work to reduce corrective maintenance operations to a minimum.

As an IT manager or affiliate, your role is to support the deployment of new digital solutions by ensuring system interoperability, digital data continuity, and the security of your information system. In particular, you will need to set up:

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data exchange protocols and technologies to collect data

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secure and up-to-date business software for optimal operation such as a CMMS 4.0 solution

Maintenance 4.0 in 3 steps

In the future, new tools will emerge and play a major role in interdepartmental cooperation and decompartmentalization within the company.
However, what can you do today to complete your transition to Maintenance 4.0 and reach your expected ROI?

3 challenges of maintenance 4.0 decision support
Collecting the data

Collect data

Thanks to SCADA, MES, IoT, sondes installed on your critical assets, intelligent sensors, and efficient solutions to transfer all the collected information, you will be able to obtain a more comprehensive knowledge of your assets and then make better use of it.

Analyze the data

In tomorrow’s world, artificial intelligence and big data will be of great help in data analysis.

By constantly comparing your data against the norms you’ve set, artificial intelligence will detect the slightest variations and report them to the maintenance manager, who can then initiate a preventive maintenance operation if they deem it appropriate.

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Exploit data with a 4.0 CMMS

By moving towards a 4.0 CMMS, you will be able to completely decompartmentalize maintenance and integrate it with the IS (ERP, IoT, GIS). Your CMMS, accessible from anywhere at any time thanks to its Cloud and mobility features, will allow you to exploit collected data easily.

In particular, you will be able to make decisions more easily, optimize the organization of your department’s activity, and make sure the performance of the maintenance team doesn’t go unnoticed.

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What are the key technologies for Maintenance 4.0?

Maintenance 4.0 which technologies

Among the main technologies impacting maintenance, we typically find digital systems in their most recent versions such as CMMS, MES, EDM but also:

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IoT and Predictive Analysis

To predict the risk of asset failure

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Robotics and cobotics

To help perform tedious tasks that provide little added value

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Digital twin

To prepare and improve your maintenance works

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Cloud manufacturing

To produce on-demand parts for the proper functioning of your assets

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Augmented reality

To help and protect technicians during maintenance works

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Digital tablets / Smartphone

To enjoy permanent access to the CMMS and relevant data

Specialized maintenance personnel

These new technologies require competent personnel to handle their inherent digital and network dimensions.

The IT staff must understand the issues for a quick integration of the CMMS into the information system. On the other side, the maintenance manager and his team of technicians must show actionable interest in new technologies to implement maintenance 4.0. This transition to the maintenance of the future will be an opportunity for your maintenance team to develop their skills and acquire competencies that will be highly valued on the job market.

Specialized teams
The new generation CMMS is a pillar of maintenance 40

New-generation CMMS, a pillar of maintenance 4.0

The digital revolution is already underway. Maintenance will soon change from the supportive role it plays today within organizations to a central and strategic function in the near future.

Maintenance and CMMS solutions are therefore evolving to adapt to future tools. Moreover, ties between Men and Machines are expected only to grow stronger as time goes on. In this respect, maintenance 4.0 is emerging at the right time to position itself at the center of this relationship. All the data collected within this framework will then converge towards highly specialized players.

decision support

Decision support

Because of its central position in the organization and its interconnection with the IS, CMMS have gone from a simple management tool to a decision-making tool.

assistance for interventions

Help with maintenance operations

Thanks to augmented reality and mobility, CMMS 4.0 assist technicians on the field, helping them carry out maintenance works more efficiently and safely.

The ergonomics of CMMS 4.0 are constantly improved so that the solution has become adapted to mobile or tablet use. Functionalities developed by our product designers allow our CMMS 4.0 application to be as intuitive and helpful as possible. For example, technicians can fill in their work report through voice recording and attach pictures to it.

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