SERRATEC digitalises its maintenance

SERRATEC was looking for a maintenance management system (CMMS) that was flexible, easy to use, yet high performance. That is why choosing DIMO Maint MX was the best solution for them.

Serratec, an industrial company dedicated to the production of metal components for automobiles in Viana do Castelo. This unit occupies an industrial area of 11,000 m², supplies one of the main international players in the automotive components sector, Bontaz. 


As the world’s leading supplier of hydraulic systems, the Bontaz Group designs, develops and produces innovative sub-assemblies at its facilities around the world, close to manufacturers and local markets.

Until now, Serratec has used paper and Excel to manage its maintenance operations, but this organization had its limitations. The company was looking for a maintenance management system (CMMS) that was flexible, easy to use, yet high performance. 

That is why choosing DIMO Maint MX was the best solution for them.

Moving from paper to a powerful and flexible CMMS

For SERRATEC, the era of paper is over and they have entered the digital age. Augusto Correia, head of maintenance, explains that technicians now perform maintenance work on software adapted to their organization, which allows them to manage all maintenance activities. Before, all the information was everywhere, sometimes hard to find. Now, having all the information on a single screen is a real time-saver and increases productivity. 

Simplifying stock management

Accumulating acquisition cost, storage cost, and devaluation cost is essential to prioritize effective stock management.

SERRATEC has understood the importance of inventory management and has begun to optimize stocks:

to have what you need when you need it, and to find the right balance using CMMS,” says Augusto Correia.

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CMMS DIMO Maint, allows:

  • Have the ability to not have to walk to the warehouse to retrieve a part that may not be available, it is a real time saver
  • Not to lose stock status information : for them it is very important to have a good management of parts and stocks to avoid getting blocked in their maintenance work. In fact, if a part is missing to make a repair, it blocks production and increases the downtime of a machine, which can generate high losses.
  • To reduce the amount of fixed assets in stock, which is already very high due to the existence of parts with a very significant acquisition value, it is important to have information in real time and always available.

For Augusto Correia, it is also important to underline the fact that poor stock management also has an environmental impact.


The benefits of the CMMS solution

The benefits of implementing CMMS software are manifold:

  • prioritize, prepare and plan interventions and ensure traceability. All work requests are computerized and entered by the department managers;
  • Equipment reliability;
  • Preserving and capitalizing the memory of the maintenance activity.
  • Analyze the activity using indicators and KPIs
  • Saving time

Since we started using the DIMO Maint solution, we have been able to optimize the monitoring of our interventions and have all the information on a single screen”, adds Augusto Correia.


An opening (connection) with ERP and MES in the coming months 

One of the other advantages of the MX solution is that, being an open solution, it allows us in the future : 

  • To connect our ERP SAGE X3 solution to the DIMO Maint MX solution! Being an existing connector whose implementation will be very simple. We want to have a global view of the activity, optimize the management of parts, stocks.


  • Interface between MES and CMMS for predictive maintenance to anticipate problems in the machines! Since you are already using an MES, this will allow us to save time and especially money!


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Download the case study in PORTUGUESE

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