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Creator of simple and scalable, Cloud or On-premise, CMMS solutions, to help maintenance teams worldwide achieve complete control of their activity.

Our commitments

To be as close as possible to your business needs

DIMO Maint, a subsidiary of the DIMO Software group, has a long-standing experience in the industry, allowing us to meet the needs of maintenance teams as precisely as possible. Whether you want to improve your management, benefit from more detailed analyses, or simplify the management of maintenance operations, we design solutions adapted to your conditions.

We put software innovation at the service of maintenance performance: productivity – safety – quality – cost control. We organize user meetings to learn more about your expectations and continue developing our solutions in the right direction. It can be said that our users co-constructed our CMMS software.

Be as close as possible to your business needs

Personalized support with a dedicated and expert maintenance team

Our teams accompany you throughout your project, from your first-time handling of our solutions to complete mastery. With DIMO Maint, you quickly become autonomous on our intuitive and evolutionary software. With our support team at your disposal, you will soon manage your maintenance activity with simplicity and serenity.

Customers who trusted us with their maintenance project

Key numbers DIMO Maint

25 years of CMMS expertise

28 years

expertise in CMMS

4000 customers worldwide


clients worldwide

9 locations and a global network of certified partners


offices and a worldwide network of certified partneres

1500 projects carried out internationally



Let's tackle your maintenance digitalization project together

We help companies of all sizes, from single-site organizations to multi-site and global organizations simplify their maintenance management in various industries.

We also offer a solution dedicated to facility management, particularly suitable for maintenance providers, property managers, owners and managers of real estate assets.

Ready to take your maintenance management to the next level?

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