Talley’s Group revolutionizes Facilities Management with our CMMS Software

Learn how Talley’s, a NZ food giant, optimizes facility management with DIMO Maint FM, enhancing maintenance and asset management across their sites.

The Talley’s Group

In a significant leap towards advancing its facilities management capabilities, Talley’s Group, a cornerstone of New Zealand’s food industry, has embarked on an innovative journey with the implementation of cutting-edge Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software. Talley’s, renowned for its premium quality seafood, meat, vegetables, and dairy products, remains a proud family-owned entity with a unique selling proposition: the entirety of its offerings are cultivated, harvested, and processed within the pristine environment of New Zealand, ensuring unparalleled traceability and quality.


DIMO Maint FM to optimise the maintenance for Talley’s Group

With a sprawling presence across New Zealand, Talley’s has always been at the forefront of leveraging technology to enhance its operational efficiencies. The need for a robust CMMS solution became apparent to the Head of Maintenance at Talley’s main facility in Motueka, who envisioned a system that was not only user-friendly but also comprehensive enough to manage the high volume of both reactive and planned maintenance tasks. The system was required to excel in asset management, inspections, and the seamless division of work among various teams, making it indispensable for the company’s maintenance strategy.

In a strategic move to streamline operations, Talley’s sought a solution that would integrate effortlessly with its existing IT infrastructure based on Microsoft Active Directory, emphasizing the importance of Single Sign-On capabilities to minimize administrative overhead and simplify user experience.


The DIMO Maint FM solution

The DIMO Maint FM solutionThe solution came in the form of DIMO Maint, a software that caught the attention of Peter, the Head of Maintenance, for its ease of use and the availability of dedicated mobile applications for engineers and managers. Following an extensive trial period that allowed for tailored improvements to the software, including enhancements to the Manager App for direct job allocation and refined team functionalities, Talley’s committed to a six-month subscription initially for their main fish site in Motueka.


Training for the DIMO Maint FM software was efficiently conducted via Zoom, empowering Peter to further deploy the system across his team of managers and supervisors. The adoption of DIMO Maint has markedly improved the management of reactive maintenance jobs, and Talley’s is now in the process of integrating planned maintenance schedules and assets into the system.

A noteworthy aspect of the DIMO Maint implementation has been the utilization of its advanced form features, which are set to be further enhanced to meet Talley’s specific needs. Following the success of the initial deployment, Talley’s has renewed its commitment to DIMO Maint with another six-month subscription, with plans to extend the system across all its sites in the near future.

This collaboration between Talley’s Group and DIMO Maint not only underscores the food manufacturer’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence but also sets a new benchmark in facilities management within the industry.


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