CMMS solutions for environment sector

The range of DIMO Maint’s CMMS solutions is specifically designer to meet the needs to private companies, service providers or local authorities in the environment sector.

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What are the issues for the environment sector ?

  • Reduce the environmental impacts related to the water treatment and cleaning activities and those connected with sorting, collecting, disposing, energy recovering and recycling of waste.
  • Keep in operational conditions the equipment, work and other facilities to ensure the services of water and waste treatment : sewage and effluent plants (turbines, screen rakes…), sewage network, collection vehicles, waste sorting facilities, waste disposal plants, incineration plants, recycling centres, disposal or recovery of waste (ordinary, industrial, dangerous waste, etc.)
  • Coordinate and improve the maintenance services while continuously searching for quality
  • Manage the energy in an optimal way.

CMMS serving the environment sector

By ensuring the continuous performance of the equipment, DIMO Maint’s CMMS plays a key role regarding the quality and continuity of the service provided :

  • Structure the fleet to maintain in tree form : sites, work, processes, functions, facilities, equipment, automatic devices, sensors
  • Have access to accurate information about the equipment : location, condition, list of spare parts, operating modes, plans and documents
  • Launch preventive maintenance as appropriately as possible, based on run and wear indicators (meters, measures) retrieved in real time from the supervision
  • Interface the CMMS application with the supervision connected to the sensors in order to retrieve events (malfunction alarms, number of cycles…), measures (levels, temperatures…)
  • Monitor the systematic maintenance, inspection visits, calibration and preventive cleaning recommended by the manufacturers and the legislation.