Facility management

CMMS solutions for facility management

The range of DIMO Maint’s CMMS solutions is specifically designed to enable building managers, managers of general services, and maintenance companies to manage facilities.


What are the issues for facility management ?

  • Identify and manage the technical installations of buildings: electricity, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, etc.
  • Ensure the security and availability of the equipment: lifts, etc.
  • Ensure the quality of reception and the comfort of occupiers and visitors.
  • Increase the profitability (lower cost prices, customer loyalty).
  • Maintain the infrastructure and equipment that are for the sector of sports and leisure activities for example an essential investment that it is appropriate to preserve at all time.
  • Coordinate and improve the services while continuously searching for quality.
  • Manage the energy in an optimal way.

CMMS serving facilities

Partner with your company, DIMO Maint offers you web solutions ensuring a comprehensive management of your Facilities Management issues:

  • Single Repository identifying the organisations, the sites, the occupants, the equipment, the providers…
  • Preventive maintenance and control of equipment (analysis of the swimming pool water, stand control, generators, etc.)
  • Physical inventories by bar codes and by geographical place or location.
  • Web portal giving immediate access to all business processes : work requests, purchase requests, booking of meeting rooms, reception of visitors, satisfaction survey, etc.
  • Management of resources depending on the location and the issue to address.
  • Electronic document management.
  • Key indicators and reporting.
  • Assist in the decision making and the renewal of equipment