The easiest-to-use CMMS to manage your maintenance

Are you tired of wasting time juggling paper documents, spreadsheets, and unnecessarily complicated software? Consider a more serene and efficient management with DIMO Maint CMMS!

Why is CMMS essential for maintenance managers?

As a Maintenance Manager, you are responsible for ensuring that machines, vehicles, and/or facilities are properly maintained and functioning as they should. Maintenance follow-up can be burdensome when many of the involved assets and/or installations are across several sites or countries.

This is where the DIMO Maint CMMS features can be helpful and help you better manage your maintenance with key indicators, make correct decisions, and highlight the impact of your activity in the eye of management.

CMMS is essential for maintenance managers

Simplify your management and experience maintenance differently!

Boost the performance of your assets

Boost the performance of your assets

Increase the availability, reliability, and life span of your assets

Improve the operational efficiency of your teams

Improve the operational efficiency of your teams

Reduce response time and work durations, and improve maintenance quality and safety

Reduce your maintenance costs

Reduce your maintenance costs

Act on both direct and indirect costs

Promote your action to management

Highlight the impact of your work to the management

Offer a 360° visibility of your activity and increase your budgets

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Enjoy a global vision of your assets

Asset management as conceived by DIMO Maint entails a detailed functional, geographical, and account-based description of your installations, thus allowing you to have a global vision of all your assets.

Benefit from a logical and visual tree structure of your assets to:

  • Get a better understanding of your organization, and communicate it to external stakeholders.
  • Simplify and reduce the time needed for the location of your assets.
  • Promote a quick adoption of the solution.
  • Simplify the use of the solution.
Disposez d’une vision globale de vos actifs-2

Access only the asset data that are relevant to you:

Suppose you have several sites in your organization involving different professions. In that case, DIMO Maint CMMS allows you to determine the right workspace for the right people at the right time and optimize your organization accordingly.
Bringing down irrelevant data helps your employees get to the point.
You also improve data confidentiality and security while keeping yourself a consolidated view of all data.


Wheter On-Premise or 100% Cloud, Dimo Maint CMMS is specifically designed for you, economical, easy to use and quick to deploy:

dimo maint cmms designed for you
dimo maint cmms designed for you mobile

Efficiently plan your maintenance works for improved operational performance

Without a maintenance management solution, the maintenance department often acts in “firefighter mode.” They are constantly running after “fires”, are overwhelmed by the permanent urgency of various corrective tasks, and lack the time and focus to implement a program for recurrent maintenance tasks.

Take the intelligent approach and reduce the risks of your team forgetting critical maintenance tasks through planning and tracking the realization of past, present, and future maintenance projects. The DIMO Maint CMMS facilitates the organization and scheduling of preventive, corrective, and improvement maintenance works.

Effectively plan your maintenance interventions for increased operational performance

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Follow up on CMMS interventions

Detect at a glance conflicts in resource allocation thanks to an ergonomic color code

Track maintenance works (over the day, week, month, or year) by stakeholder, stakeholder group, or by asset

Manage and streamline resource assignment to your different maintenance tasks with a simple drag & drop

Control the workload of your workers according to their attendance

Create a work order from the calendar with a simple click

Keep track of your maintenance budget

Your job must be carried out within budgetary limitations. Therefore, you must consistently monitor your activity to offer the best at the lowest costs and reduce losses by avoiding production stoppage while respecting regulations imposed on maintenance operations.
The budget management function of the DIMO Maint CMMS allows you to improve your budget tracking and control maintenance costs by:

Allocate all your purchasing and investment expenses

Allocating your purchase and investment expenses

according to the defined budget lines.

Follow the breakdown of intervention costs

Breaking down maintenance costs for each budget line

(operating, investment, project, business, etc.).

Monitor the status of all your budgets in real time

Consulting in real-time all your budgets

(committed, forecast, invoiced, as well as budget variance and forecast balance).

Never run out of spare parts with DIMO Maint's advanced inventory management

Inventory is a significant cost center for maintenance. A CMMS helps you follow the movements of stocks and spare parts to ensure their availability and optimize their management to avoid overstocking or understocking, thus reducing costs.

With the CMMS DIMO Maint, you can:

Access both technical information about a part and its management parameters (quantity, family, suppliers, photo, storage location, unit, etc.)

Manage and evaluate suppliers.

Avoid stock-outs thanks to real-time replenishment alerts based on pre-determined inventory alert thresholds

Guarantee the traceability of spare parts in your stock.
Determine the most critical parts to be stored

Update the bill of materials automatically

List spare parts information related to an asset within the work order

6 reasons to choose the DIMO Maint CMMS

CMMS expertise

25 years of expertise at your fingertip

Ease of use

Our CMMS software is very intuitive, even for the less tech-savvy users

Communication with the IS

Our software integrates with your information system (through IoT, ERP, Supervision, MES)

Collaborative work

Our CMMS promotes and streamlines intra and interdepartmental exchanges


Regular updates with access to the latest news

Quick implementation

Our CMMS adapts itself to the scale of your project (from multi-site, multi-company, to international)

Quickly produce your maintenance reports and make the right decisions

Thanks to our tool designed explicitly for maintenance analysis, you can rigorously monitor your activity, and consequently, reduce downtime and increase departmental efficiency. With the CMMS’ detailed reporting and tracking of strategic KPIs, it is now easier to answer to upper management, show relevant results for maintenance works, and make informed and data-driven decisions.

DIMO Maint offers a robust and comprehensive activity monitoring solution that empowers you to:

Analyze technical failures and implement recurrent controls over your assets.

Have complete visibility into your expenses (in labor, spare parts, etc.) by asset or maintenance type;

View essential statistics that can be shared with top management, such as the number of work orders, machine stoppages, the corrective vs. preventive ratio, etc.

Track meaningful KPIs that will highlight your department’s actions and support negotiations for investment projects

What maintenance managers say about our CMMS

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