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DIMO Maint’s CMMS offers comprehensive maintenance management that comes with functional, geographical, and account-based descriptions of your installations.

Implications from asset management

The maintenance department plays a vital role in all organizations and is concerned, among other things, with improving assets availability and reliability. Maintenance management is complex to understand and organize, and sometimes even managers fail to grasp all the subtleties of their function.

The challenges of equipment management

What is asset maintenance?

What is maintenance equipment ?

All of the company’s fixed assets are under the charge of the maintenance team to ensure their proper functioning.

There are many types of maintenance equipment, such as machines, infrastructures, vehicles, or handling equipment. Machine components and spare parts, including the smallest ones such as screws or tools, also count.

Why classify assets by criticality?

The management always seeks to improve maintenance management.
As a maintenance manager, you must organize works according to their priority in your organization since it is impossible for you and your maintenance team to devote the same amount of time to all assets. Therefore, for your maintenance to be cost-effective, you must establish a classification of your asset by criticality.

There exist various methods in this respect, inspired mainly by the FMECA methodology (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis). Assets in maintenance can be categorized along three levels of criticality:

Vital equipment

vital asset

important equipment

important asset

Secondary equipment

secondary asset

Criticality classification should be further enriched with complementary studies such as fault trees analyses or reliability diagrams blocks.

What benefits can you expect from your improved asset maintenance?

Factoring criticality into your management may seem time-consuming and even useless at first. However, it has numerous technical and financial advantages and also improves human resources management, thanks to:

A better knowledge of your equipment

A better knowledge of your assets

Better management of intervention planning

Better management over work planning

An increase in the availability of equipment

Improved asset availability

Spare parts stock management

Improvements in the management of spare parts inventories

Improving working conditions

Improved working conditions and safety during maintenance works (through the implementation of maintenance task lists, etc.),

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance costs

How CMMS help simplify asset management

Despite Excel files being impractical for daily tasks and CMMS perfectly adapted to solve maintenance issues, the formers are still widely used in maintenance management.

How CMMS helps to simplify equipment management

Drafting a bill of materials that anyone can understand

establish a nomenclature

To quickly gain a general knowledge of your maintenance equipment, you must ensure it is presented in a way that anyone can effortlessly understand. Our DIMO Maint CMMS allows you to inventory the totality of your equipment in a visual tree structure that remains editable over time and boasts an unlimited number of levels.

Moreover, if you already have a machine fleet, the CMMS can import your old data to get started more quickly.

Improving your asset knowledge

As a maintenance manager, you need to know everything about your assets to increase their reliability and availability.

The DIMO Maint CMMS provides you with an actionable database to:


quickly locate

your assets (through BIM, QR code, Bleam scan...)

Efficient management of spare parts


the complete interventions history of any asset

To have better visibility

Ensure traceability

which is critical to proving your compliance with regulatory standards


Efficiently manage

the required spare parts in your stock



better visibility into maintenance costs broken down by asset

With DIMO Maint, COPAG was able to achieve concrete savings, thanks to better management of spare parts stocks and improved productivity. This was made possible with the creation of a detailed tree structure for all the assets and optimized scheduling for the 248 maintenance agents

Hicham Laabadi, Deputy Head of the COPAG Methods Office

Ensuring the availability of the documentation

To improve the efficiency of the maintenance department, your technicians need up-to-date and reliable documentation.
From now on, thanks to our mobile CMMS application, your technicians can carry the necessary documentation with them at all times and access it directly from the field.
Additionally, they can also consult maintenance task lists and procedures from the intervention site, thus increasing their awareness of safety protocols and lowering the risks tied to the procedure.

Make documentation accessible

Ensuring a proper maintenance plan

Do you wish to improve the maintenance of your assets and set up a preventive maintenance program?

The DIMO Maint CMMS will help you follow your preventive maintenance program, anticipate breakdowns, and progressively decrease the proportion of corrective measures.

Predictive maintenance can be applied to your most expensive and/or critical assets by integrating alerts triggered by SCADA, MES, or other third-party solutions dedicated to analyzing your IoT data in the CMMS.

This type of maintenance will become widespread in the future, and adopting it now will support and optimize the growth of your organization.

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