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Access your CMMS from your smartphone or your tablet.
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Choosing DIMO Maint App means integrating the essential features of the CMMS with native smartphone and tablet functions (voice recognition, photos, etc.) to gain efficiency:

  • Simplify and facilitate the input of field data for technicians
  • Accelerate the feedback of information to the CMMS
  • Monitor maintenance activity close to the ground
  • Increase your teams’ productivity

How does it work?

DIMO Maint App is a multi-platform hardware (smartphone and tablet) and software (Android and iPhone) solution.

DIMO Maint App works in off-line mode providing permanent access to data and making it possible to continue working irrespective of network coverage. Synchronisation enables an effective and secure exchange of information.

  • Quick and simple deployment with the Flash QR Code
  • Easy and intuitive to understand without prior training
  • Ongoing optimisation of work on the field
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