A new look for our website!

A new version of the site, entirely revamped and optimized, meets all the needs of maintenance services across the globe.

After several months of development, we are pleased to present the English version of our new website www.dimomaint.com, completely modernized and updated. Spanish and German versions will follow soon later this year.


Our website is dedicated to the specific needs and challenges of maintenance departments, as well as the digitalization of the maintenance function for organizations of any size and industry.

www.dimomaint.com :

A content-rich website centered on the digitalization of the maintenance function.

For more than 28 years, DIMO Maint has helped maintenance departments streamline and improve their daily activities with simple, mobile, and scalable software solutions that are interoperable with their existing information systems, such as DIMO Maint MX, OM, FM and DIMO Maint App. Our objective has always been the same: to allow our customers to (re)focus on their core business, namely, maintenance.

Day in and day out, our teams of experts work hard to provide a unique and meaningful experience for our 2,000 customers around the world. This website, for example, was built around the priorities of decision-makers involved in the processes of CMMS selection and implementation, then further enriched with customer feedback and information about best practices, to answer questions such as:

  • How to organize and anticipate maintenance?
  • How to simplify and ensure the safety of maintenance operations?
  • How to analyze and manage maintenance?
  • Why digitalize the maintenance function?

The new website is also set up to help visitors choose a CMMS solution according to the scale of their project (single site, multi-site or international deployment) and their activity, be it in manufacturing, health, energy, environment, education, transport, logistics, hospitality, catering, extraction, or public works.

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An optimal user experience

Designed from the outset to provide internet users with functional and user-friendly navigation, our website now makes it easier than ever to quickly find the content one is looking for.

Furthermore, it meets all the criteria for an optimal visitor experience, namely:

  • ergonomic and intuitive navigation,
  • fast page load time,
  • strategic selection of the most relevant content,
  • structured and easy site exploration,
  • uadaptiveness to all screen resolutions, be it from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone,
  • optimal positioning on search engines
  • safety

Our objective? To continue developing solutions in line with your business needs, and adapting our support services (including training, migration, and customer service) to the scale and direction of each CMMS project.

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