CMMS testimony of IMERYS Toiture

IMERYS Toiture choose DIMO Maint to assist them with the computerisation of their maintenance activity.


The group

Leader in the clay brick and roof tile market, IMERYS Toiture provide solutions to build, beautify, and protect housing, through their ranges of products. With 20 industrial sites and nearly 1,600 employees, IMERYS Toiture are committed a bit more every day in research and development of effective and innovative solutions that are fully in the line with a sustainable development approach.
With nearly 900,000 tonnes of bricks and 1,200,000 tonnes of tiles produced, IMERYS Toiture generated sales of €433 million in 2011.

Objectives of the project

Production site of the Roofing activity of the IMERYS TC Group, the Quincieux site has two production lines for clay tiles .

The manufacturing process is based on essential and delicate steps: reception of the earth, extrusion, manufacturing of the tiles with the presses, stacking and drying in ovens, and palletising of the product.

The maintenance team is made up of a staff if shift managers, electricians, and mechanics.

To structure and optimize the maintenance operations, Emmanuel Verning production manager, decided to invest in an efficient CMMS solution in 2011, in agreement with the site manager Eric Aouchar and the information system manager Sylvain Moreau.

« It should be said the software used at that time involved many data to be reentered, remembers Emmanuel Vernin.

It was difficult to produce reliable dashboards or to use the history. The procedures, for their parts, were often formalised on paper, e.g. the monitoring of production shutdowns or the monitoring of the electricians’ daily activity. »

3 major objectives justify the project :

  • Avoid the re-entry, the waste of time, and the risk of errors related to the paper-based workflow.
  • Improve the monitoring of the maintenance activity by the computerisation of schedules and budgets.
  • Capitalise on experience feedback and avoid knowledge loss, in case of retirement.

DIMO Maint : the choice of a simple and modular CMMS solution

After consulting the various offers of publishers on the web, Emmanuel Vernin chose the software that seemed to him the most simple, the most user-friendly, and the most tailored to the needs of IMERYS Toiture. The CMMS solution selected was DIMO Maint’s, located a few kilometres from the site.

When choosing, Emmanuel Vernin was seduced by the modularity and scalability of the application :

« DIMO Maint is a solution that grows at the rate of our functional needs. »

The software is used for its features of equipment inventory and classification, work order (OD) management, automatic management of the 55 weekly  preventive maintenance tasks, spare part stock management, purchase order management, graphical schedule of the tasks, analyses and dashboards, , and its  web and multi-store options.

On a  daily basis, the technicians receive the work orders (WO) created by the maintenance or line manager by e-mail, carry out the work and complete the WO when the task is achieved. Only maintenance managers are authorised to close the WO.

Significant benefits

Thanks to the software installed on nearly thirty workstations, IMERYS Toiture can now streamline the maintenance of its 732 production equipment, manage nearly 2 400 references of spare parts spread over 4 stores, and issue nearly 200 work orders each month.

« By viewing the history of parts that have been replaced on a piece of equipment, we realised that we had a way to be more relevant in our purchasing decisions, and to determine whether an investment is necessary or not, through reliable criteria. », said Mr Vernin.

DIMO Maint also enables maintenance managers to plan much more accurately the upcoming preventive operations, and to look at all the technical or budget parameters, the number of hours needed, the cost, the parts to be ordered, etc.

Thanks to DIMO Maint’s solution, the Quincieux site also have a better knowledge of the whole of their machinery. They can easily access to the list of their equipment, possibly look at their technical specifications, as well as the history of operations that have already been carried out on each of them.

Analyses show today fair maintenance time between corrective (30%), preventive (30%), and upgrade (30%) maintenance.

Outlook for the project

IMERYS Toiture is already considering significant developments for 2013 :

  • Deployment of Scan Pal barcode reader terminals for the inventory
  • Implementation of connectors with the servers on the PC to retrieve the data automatically for the preventive maintenance: number of strokes for the presses, temperatures for the ovens, machine time…
  • Integration of the task lists in order to gain more security.
  • PDA extension to create WOs, notably.