CMMS testimony of Messier Bugatti Dowty

DIMO Maint at the centre of a group project of optimisation and improvement of the maintenance processes.

The group

Aircraft equipment manufacturer, group SAFRAN are proceeding with the merger of their subsidiaries Messier-Bugatti, Messier-Dowty, and Messier Services, thus creating Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems. The company has 17 sites in Europe, America, and Asia, representing approximately 6 250 employees. DIMO Maint’s CMMS is today used in Messier-Bugatti’s 3 historic production plants in France :

  • Vélizy (Headquarters),
  • Molsheim,
  • Villeurbanne

Messier-Bugatti’s site in Villeurbanne manufactures carbon brake discs for Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, as well as for Formula 1 cars. He meets many standards : ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS 18001 (health and safety), and EN 9100, specific to aircraft industry. It is thus subject to many audits.

The Group’s maintenance policy

For more than 20 years, the maintenance department at Messier-Bugatti-Dowty in Villeurbanne has the particularity to work on a contracting basis.

The curative and preventive operations of the production plant are assigned to the industrial maintenance company SERMA.

A fifteen-people team is present on the site of Villeurbanne every day.

The Group’s policy is to maintain the technical knowledge over the whole manufacturing process and enable the interchange ability of subcontractors at any time.

“The staff of Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (12 employees) have more a supervisory role of the subcontracting activity.” added Mr. Souchier maintenance manager of the Villeurbanne site.

Background of the 1st CMMS

DIMO Maint’s solutions were purchased in 1997, remembers Mr. Souchier, in order to respond to the dual problem of :

  • Traceability of maintenance actions in the context of the transition to ISO 9000.
  • Management of store spare parts (inventory of 5.000 parts).

The most used features of DIMO Maint’s solution are:

  • The service request,
  • The work order;
  • The preventive maintenance
  • The planning of service rounds,
  • The global analysis (number of hours)

Moving forward into the age of web

Mr. Souchier explained that communication between production maintenance department becomes vital and fundamental to the overall activity of the group.

For 4 years, Messier-Bugatti-Dowly was experiencing an overcapacity in production and it was still acceptable to have production shutdown. Mr Souchier’s objective was also mainly to optimise the maintenance in order to reduce its costs.

For the next 5 years, the trend reverses and the policy requires rapid servicing to prevent any production stop. Production staff must thus change their habits in order to systematically communication with the maintenance team.

Once the release of DIMO Maint’s solution was announced, Mr Souchier was convinced that this upgrade would be necessary to  simplify access to the solution for subcontractors and production staff..
Similarly, Mr. Souchier reflected on the  redesign of the tree and the production of smart analyses.

In order to speed up the migration project, Mr Souchier employs alternately a maintenance engineering student, Mr Trabucco, who is given the mission :

  • To purchase a CMMS Web solution,
  • To launch the project,
  • To analyse the results.

Mr. Trabucco also prepares the migration project by identifying in a first time the needs of the maintenance department in terms of analysis on the sites of Villeurbanne and Molsheim and by redesigning the tree.

The aim is to harmonise the information system between the Villeurbanne site which uses DIMO Maint’s solution  and the Alsatian site of Molsheim equipped with Datastream MP2.

Mr. Caillat maintenance manager of the Molsheim site, took actively part in the realisation of a development test on each of the installed software, with recovery of the existing data.

DIMO Maint’s offer is selected for the 3 production sites in France and for the US site, thanks to it :

  • Great usability and ease of access,
  • Ease of use,

Similarly, the solution did not require than an employee should be dedicated to keep it alive. The effective support and the local service proposed by DIMO Software contributed significantly to the final decision.

After the choice of the  solution was approved by the IT department, the Group’s buyer and the industrial management validated the decision.

Encountered difficulties

The problem was mainly to want to produce analyses, which was something new. The expression of needs proved also to be very laborious.

“Asking maintenance staff what are and what will be their needs in terms of analysis of the causes for failures remains a difficult exercise for most of them.” said Mr. Trabucco

« People think they know. » Mr Souchier describes the knowledge in layer form. The first layers are visible and seem very much lie recurrent causes easily identifiable. CMMS tends to help discover the hidden causes, thanks to a capitalisation of experience and therefore a better knowledge of the production tool.

Finding the right information to make the right analysis remains the key to the challenge.

The technology is still recent and the production staff therefore stull discover new information on carbon manufacturing, and so change constantly the level of knowledge.

Why move to DIMO Maint’s solution ?

Getting quality information, and thus producing relevant analyses, requires a database that can be accessed quickly through a simple and user-friendly tree, what DIMO Maint’s offers.

A simple Web connection provides access to the solution and thus offers a great flexibility to the Group.

DIMO Maint’s solution tends to become an aid to decision-making and improvement of the maintenance processes. It also helps to make the activity transparent for the other departments.